Monday, December 18, 2006

Benefits of Laughter.

Post 96 - - - - - Sunday, 17 December 2006.

Hi Everyone ~~ Well my weekend is over, and I have lots

to do to get ready for my trip to Princetown where Kathy

and her family live. I have cooked another roast turkey

dinner for when they arrive on Tuesday evening and then

we leave on Wednesday morning. No doubt, we will have a

shopping trip to Warnambool before Christmas.

I hope that you are all enjoying life and having a good

weekend, and I guess we are all starting to count how many

sleeps before Christmas Day. It won’t be long now, will it?

My new plants look nice and I hope they continue to thrive.

I found the following item in our local paper and thought it

may be of interest. It is called “Health Benefits of Laughter”

1..Is a natural anti-depressant and pain killer, because it

releases endorphis, our feel-good hormones.

2..Relaxes muscles by expanding blood vessels and improving


3..Lowers blood pressure and risk of heart disease by reducing

stress hormones epineprine and cortisol.

4..Boosts Immunity by raising natural killer (white) cell count and antibodies such as immunoglobulin A to fight viruses and


5..Offers aerobic exercise, because we inhale more oxygen,

boosting heart rate, circulation and exercising abdominal muscles.

6..Improves Bronchitis and Asthma, because it expands lung

catacity and expels phlegm from respitory passages.

7..Massages Internal Organs, enhancing blood supply and

increasing efficiency.

8..Improves voice control by improving lung capacity and strengthening abdominal muscles.

9..Beautifies by toning facial muscles, nourishing skin with

improved blood supply and squeezing tear glands to make eyes


10. Improves relationships by bringing people together and

boosting self-confidence.

Well we knew laughter was good for us, didn’t we?

Amidst all her worries, my dear friend Ann sent me some jokes. Thank you Ann, but you are busy enough !!

All the hard questions answered right here - - -

How do you catch a Unique rabbit?

Unique up on it.

How do you catch a tame rabbit?

Tame way. Unique up on it.

How do crazy people go through the forest?

They take the Psycho Path.

How do you get Holy water?

You boil the hell out of it.

What do fish say when they hit a wall?

DAM !!!

What do you call cheese that isn’t yours?

Nacho Cheese.

What do you call Santa’s helpers?

Subordinate clauses.

What do you get from a pampered cow?

Spoiled milk.

<><><> I liked the holy water one best !!

When Dad came home he was astonished to see Alec sitting

on a horse, writing something. “What on earth are you doing

there?” he asked.

Well the teacher asked us to write an essay on our favorite

animal. That’s why I’m here and that’s why Susie’s sitting

in the goldfish bowl.”


For weeks a six year old lad kept telling his first-grade teacher about the baby brother or sister that was expected at his house.

One day the mother allowed the boy to feel the movements of

the unborn child. The six year old was obviously impressed, but made no comment. Furthermore, he stopped telling his teacher

about the impending event.

The teacher finally sat the boy on her lap and said, “Tommy,

whatever has become of that baby brother or sister you were expecting at home?”

Tommy burst into tears and confessed, “I think Mommy ate it.”


May : What position does your brother play in the school football team:

Jay : I think he is one of the drawbacks.


Big Brother : That planet over there is Mars.

Little Brother : Then that other one must be Pa’s.


The absent minded professor’s life changed dramatically when he got a brand new hearing aid. Showing it off to his wife, he said, “ This is the best hearing aid in the world. I haven’t heard

this well since I was a kid.”

“What kind is it, anyway?” asked his wife.

The professor looked at his watch and replied, “Oh, it’s about

ten minutes to five.:


As the storm began to rage, the absent minded professor started outside, when his wife stopped him asking, “Where do you think you’re going?”

I’m going out to water the flowers, he replied

But it’s raining outside “ said his wife.

“You’re right,” said the professor, closing the door and walking to the closet.

“I’d better take my umbrella.”

<><><> A few quotes - - -

Great opportunities to help others seldom come, but small ones

surround us every day. - - - Sally Koch.

Criticism, like rain, should be gentle enough to nourish a man’s

growth without destroying his roots. - - - Frank A. Clark.

Only love can be divided endlessly and still not diminish.

- - - Anne Morrow Lindberg.

The best proof of love is trust. - - - Joyce Brothers.

Enough tonight, same old problem - -too tired. Many thanks to

everyone who has commented. I hope to cateh up eventually.

If not, please know that you are all appreciated and I do

value your friendship. Take care, be happy, Merle.

Post 96 - - - - - Sunday, 17 th December, 2006.


Tammy said...

I've always heard laughter is good for ya...thanks for the reminder and the laughs and smiles you share!!

Sue said...

Well, if laughter is good for me, then Merle, you're good for me, cause you always put a smile on my face.
Thank you so much for doing that day in and day out and being a wonderful supportive friends.
Have a wonderful time with your daughter and her family!
Merry Christmas!

PEA said...

Dearest always bring on laughter with your very funny jokes, stories, quotes, you see, you're healthy for us!! lol You will soon be leaving to be with your daughter and family and I'll soon be leaving to be spending time with Steve and then with my son Shawn. Have a simply wonderful time, dear friend and I would like to take this opportunity to with you and yours a very Merry Christmas!! Thank you for your warm friendship and just for being YOU!! Much love xoxox

Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

Merle, I really appreciate you reminding me of “Health Benefits of Laughter.”

Truly, as the Reader’s Digest column says (I’ve not read Reader’s Digest in years, so I suppose the column’s still around) “Laughter is the Best Medicine.”

Jeanette said...

Dear Merle
I agree Laughter is the best Medicine.And you give us plenty of thatwith your great jokes and quotes.the absent mind Professor and big brother little brother. Hahahaha.
Dear Merle Have a very Merry Christmas with your family. Jan

G-Man said...

Merry X-Mas!!!

Anonymous said...

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