Sunday, April 01, 2007

Brother and Sister

Post 180 - - - - -- Sunday, 1 st April, 2007.

Hello Everyone ~~ Woo Hoo ~~ Actually got a photo on, with a little help from
my son John. Aren't we a handsome looking couple ? I will do another post later
on, as it has been a fun day. John is now going to explain how to do this on my own.
Wish me luck. Hope all is well with everyone. Cheers, Merle.


Peter said...

Congratulations... to both of you, now you know how easy it is we expect to see more photos and/or pictures.

wazza said...

Gidday Merle,
Who's that "hot looking chick" standing next to that old bloke???

Anonymous said...

You are both so cute together!!
Brother's are the best. It is wonderful to see you in a picture on your post.


ChrisB said...

Great photos Merle. Looking forward to lots more in the future.

audrey` said...

Dearest Merle

Who is the very sweet lady beside the gentleman? ;P

You've a very warm home =)

Meow said...

Merle, you and Peter look like great mates ... must be wonderful to have such a caring brother. You look absolutely gorgeous ... the blue flowers are very becoming, they look just perfect on you.
Take care, Meow

Raggedy said...

Does a happy cat dance!
It is great to see a picture here.
Well done!
Huggles and Love,