Tuesday, June 26, 2007


Post 241 - - - - Tuesday, 26th June, 2007.

Hi Everyone ~~ I sincerely hope that none of the disasters that
are happening overseas are not directly affecting any of you.
I refer to the flooding in England, and the fires in the States. My
sympathy to those who have lost loved ones and possessions.

This will be a short post tonight as it is already late and I have a
few things to do. I am having my younger daughter's three
eldest kids coming to visit for a couple of days, which will be
really terrific. Kate is heading for 20, Joh turned 18 today and
Kristen is 14. Joh's name is short for Johannes. Today was
my regular shopping day, so we are all stocked up again.
I see my brother got his gift and liked it- see Peter 's blog.

I found a short poem called "Friendship." It was in a War
Widow's Magazine that I get. Lots of Friendship ones are all
so similar, but most are nice. My late husband served in
Papua New Guinea during the Second World War.

There's a miracle called Friendship
That dwells within the heart
And you don't know how it happens
Or when it gets it's start.
But the happiness it brings you
Always gives a special lift
And you realise that Friendship
Is God's greatest gift. Author Unknown.

A man went to the cinema and was surprised to find a
woman with a collie sitting in front of him. Even more
amazing was the fact that the dog always laughed in the
right places in the comedy.

'Excuse me, " the man said to the woman, "but I think it is
astounding that your dog enjoys the film so much."

"I'm surprised myself," she replied, "He hated the book."

Henry's new job had him spending a lot of time on the road,
and out of concern for his wife's safety he visited a pet shop
to look for a watchdog.

"I have just the dog for you," said the salesman, showing him
a miniature Pekingese.
"Come on, " said Henry,"that little thing couldn't hurt a flea."

"Ah, but he knows karate," the salesman replied. "Here let me
show you." He pointed to a cardboard box, and ordered,
"Karate the box !" Immediately the dog shredded it. The sales-
then pointed to an old wooden chair and instructed,
"Karate, the chair." The dog reduced the chair to matchsticks.
Astounded Henry bought the dog.

When he got home, Henry announced that he had purchased
a watchdog, but his wife took one look at the Pekingese and
was unimpressed. "That scrawny thing couldn't fight it's way
out of a paper bad.

"But this dog is special," Henry insisted. "He's a karate expert."

"Now I've heard everything," Helen replied. "Karate my foot !!"

Sign seen in a Veterinarian's window : The doctor is in. Sit.

"And what would you like for Christmas this year?" a store
Santa asked the child sitting on his lap.

The little girl was indignant, "Didn't you get the fax I sent you?"

A sceptical customer asked the used car dealer, "And how is
your customer service?"

"Oh, that's first class. Anybody who buys a car from us gets
a free copy of the latest train timetable."

What's the difference between ignorance and apathy?
I don't know and I don't care.

Question: What's the difference between a hunter and
a fisherman?
Answer: A hunter lies in wait while a fisherman waits
and lies.

A couple of quotes - - - -

Time is :
Too slow for those who wait,
Too swift for those who fear,
Too long for those who grieve,
Too short for those who rejoice,
But for those who love, time is
Eternity. Hours fly, Flowers die,
New days, new ways,,,,,, pass by.
Love stays.

Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a
day in your life. - - Anonymous.

Bye for now, my friends. I hope you are having a good week.
Take care and be happy. Love and Best Wishes to all. Merle.

Post 241 - - - - -Tuesday, 26th June, 2007.


Ava said...

Hi Merle!

I'm safe from the fires, but we are experiencing a drought where I am in the States. We've been getting little "teases" of rain here and there, but nothing substantial.

Great post!

I hope you enjoy your time with the grandkids!

Susie said...

Hi Merle,
Enjoy the visit with your grands! Loved the friendship verse...
Their is a big fire near Lake Tahoe, which about 200 miles from us. We have good friends in the area, but they are safe last we heard.

mreddie said...

With the three of them coming it's a good thing that you have stocked up. :) That age group consumes a lot of groceries. Hope you enjoy their visit. ec

Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

Friendship is so very important. As I grow older and have friends in many different places, I sometimes long to see them and hug them.

Jeanette said...

Dear Merle Have a wonderful time with your Grandchildren.. great jokes and quotes once again .

Heart of Rachel said...

Hi Merle. I just dropped by to congratulate you for receiving the Rockin' Girl Blogger award from Connie. I have been here a few times and I think you are a sweet person.

I love the quote about friendship and I enjoyed reading your fun jokes.

Puss-in-Boots said...

Hi Merle

The tragedies in the UK and USA are heartbreaking aren't they?

I loved the gift you sent Peter...very fitting as he is a complete MM fan.

Hope you're looking after yourself, Merle.



~ Janice ~ said...

Great reading as always! Thank you! :o) Enjoy those grandchildren!

Lady Di Tn said...

Thank you for becoming part of my life. The friendship poem I will print and send to a wonderful friend who has just been given a few months to live. The big C.(Cancer, very aggressive) Of all my art buddies, this was the most unsuspecting news. She is the picture of perfect health and lived a healthy lifestyle. Go figure.

Again I am thankful for the day that I located you across the way. Enjoy the grandchildren.

LZ Blogger said...

Merle ~ I had no idea that your late husband served in Papua New Guinea during the Second World War! We had some friends here in the States who went on a three year church mission there. I also loved the friendship poem too! ~ jb///

PEA said...

Hello dear Merle:-)

No fires or flooding here, thank goodness...like you, though, my heart goes out to all those affected by it! How fun that you will be having 3 of your grands with you:-) That friendship poem is so lovely and it certainly is one of God's most wonderful gifts to us! I know I'm glad we're friends:-) Love the dog jokes as well!! hehe Take care of yourself dear Merle! xox

JunieRose2005 said...

Dear Merle,

Enjoy your granddaughters! I know you will! :)


Lee said...

I hope you're not copping the floodwaters where you are, Merle. The dams of south-east Qld could need some of that water...send it on up this way!

Take good care of yourself. :)

Meow said...

I hope your visit with your grandchildren is going well.
Love your pressie for Peter ... he displays it so proudly on his blog !!
Hope you are not too cold, Merle ... at least we are getting heaps of rain in our catchments.
Take care, hugs, Meow

Gattina said...

We had (and have) some very heavy rain here in Belgium, with some overfloated basements but not like in the UK ! But it's cold I even had to put the heating on, immagine in summer ! If somebody talks to me about global warming I will kill him !

Ava said...


Just checking in! Have a safe and happy weekend!

audrey` said...

Hi Merle
The poem on Friendship is so true.
Thank you so much for being my blogging friend =)
God bless!