Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Photos, yet again.

Post 255 - - - - - Wednesday, 11th July, 2007.

Hi Everyone ~~ I hope everything is going well for you and the weather
not too extreme -- hot or cold. We had another nice day after a start of
Minus - 2 C , frost and then the sun turned up as it usually does after a
frost. Bec knew which day to come as the day before a plane landed and
dropped off part of the landing gear. No one was hurt or in danger. They
had to hold a few planes circling in the air while they cleared the runway.

The day after she arrived, there was such a severe fog, that planes couldn't
land at Tullamarine, Melbourne airport. Some were sent to Adelaide, S.A.
and some sent back to Sydney, N.S.W. and a few to nearby where the fog
must have been less. People,25.000, were affected and had hours of waiting
before finally reaching their destination.

Bec spent most of today visiting friends and took the kids she used to baby-
sit to the cinema. I did some cooking and found plenty of things to do.
Tonight, I have put quite a few photos from my son Geoff;s home on, not
very good photos, but you can get an idea from them.

This one and the next were taken at Christmas a couple of years ago,
Back row -Michelle, Scott, Joanne, and Joh, next row - Grandma,
Geoff, Kathy and Kate, Front - Nick and Jorja. Jo had prepared a
lovely meal for us which we all enjoyed as well as the company !!

Same group as above, except Kristen took, Geoff's place.
2 of my kids and 7 of my grandkids.

Doll near Fireplace in upstairs TV room. The fireplace came from
the home of the kid's grandfather's bakery.

This is a large figure of a waiter ready to serve. His name is Jake.

This is a view from the balcony upstairs.

Lovely cabinet in the living room. See the bust at the left.

In the living room - the drapes, fern and a bit of Christmas mess.

I like these two , which are in the dining room.

Another view from the upstairs balcony.

I will find a few quick jokes, as I am a little (read very) tired tonight.

A teetotal wowser of a preacher is seated next to a Queenslander on a flight
to Canberra. After the plane is airborne, drink orders are taken.

The Queenslander asks for Bundy and Coke (Bunderberg Rum). The flight
attendant then asks the preachher if he would like a drink.

" I'd rather be savagely raped by a dozen whores than let liquor touch my
lips," the preacher replies in disgust.

"Hang on a minute," the Queenslander says, " I;d like that as well; I didn't
realise we had a choice,"

Why are blonde jokes so short ?
So men can remember them.

A man joins a big corporate empire as a trainee. On his very first day of
work, he dials an extension and shouts into the phone, --"Get me coffee
quickly !"

"You fool," the voice booms from the other end of the line. "You've dialed
the wrong extension. Do you know who you are talking to ?"
"No," the trainee replies.
"I'm the CEO of the company !!"

The trainee booms back with the same amount of authority, "And do you
know who you are talking to ?"
:No," says the CEO.
"Good," replies the trainee and hangs up the phone.

Two students shared a flat and a cat. Neither of the students was a
particularly good cook.
One day one of the students returned to find his flatmate wring his hands
in despair. "What happened?" asked the student.

"The cat ate your dinner."
"Don't worry, replied the first student. We'll buy another cat tomorrow."

I was up till 2:30 this morning. I had to wait until the cat came in so I
could let it out.

"I've just lost my dog,"
"Why don't you put an advertisement in the Paper ?"
"Don't be silly -- my dog can't read."

A mother, fearing she might have caught a cold, took a little whisky and
hot water as a precaution .

As she tucked her little daughter in bed shortly afterwards, a look of
reproach came over the little girl's face. "Oh Mummy," she said,
"You've been using Daddy's scent."

Well, that is it for tonight my friends. Take care and have some fun
as well. This print is fairly small. I guess you all know that ctrl and +
(plus sign) enlarges it, Then the crtl and minus reduces it again.
Love and best wishes to you all. Cheerio, Merle.

Post 255 - - - - Wednesday, 11th July, 2007.


Bethany said...

All your photos are great, I like that rose, your sons house is amazing.I stayed in Sunbury about 13 - 14 years ago. My sons grandparents on his fathers side live there. Alas we have no contact anymore since his father left us, which was 13 years ago.My son is 14 and a half.

RUTH said...

Lovely photos Merle. I think "Jake" is so cute and I love that cabinet. Hope you sleep well...and I didn't know about ctrl+ and ctrl-...Thanks!

LZ Blogger said...

Merle- Looks like they had a big trurn out. That upstairs balconey looks like something from New Orleans, Louisiana here in the States. Very Pretty! ~ jb///

JunieRose2005 said...


That's a quite impressive house! WOW!!

...I liked all the jokes, as I always do!


mreddie said...

Enjoyed the photos of the family clan and that house is really great - very fancy. ec

Puss-in-Boots said...

Hi Merle

Love the photos of Geoff's house and the way they have furnished it...using period pieces. I also like the two plaques that you like.

Like the joke about the Queenslander and the wowser.

Keep warm.

Hugs xoxo

LittleJen said...

whats there secret in getting a nice hedge i have had mine for a good 2 years and they just dont

p.s. I will try and keep up with the blog world, mum keeps at me all the time. Just with little kids, its just time consuming.

Lady Di Tn said...

Thanks for sharing the family and Geoff"s house. The colors are beautiful and the balcony would be a really nice place to have my morning coffee.
Boy did Bec have a watchful Angel getting her there just in time.
Thanks for the computer "hints"
LoL about "Men's memory".
Have a great day. My tub is suppose to arrive today.

audrey` said...

Hi Merle
Our Lord looked after Bec's journey.
Praise Him =)