Thursday, August 02, 2007

Notes to God.

Post 275 - - - - - Thursday, 2nd August, 2007.

Hello My Friends ~~ I hope everything is going well for you all, and that
the week has been a good one so far. Another decent day here, although I
wasn't outside much. There is always plenty to do, indoors or out, and I
can never understand people who say they are bored. Especially for those
of us fortunate to have computers. What a wealth of information there is
to read and enjoy. And learn !!

Photos tonight are from my flower file, so are not current. At present
there are not too many flowers out, azaleas, pansies, stocks, violets and
my first camellia bloomed today. Always a few geraniums.

A nice climbing or hanging striped geranium.

My grandson, Joh made me this pot plant stand at school
last year. I don't know what the flower was.

A few impatiens - always a flower on them too.

Another view of my front porch ferns etc and the wind chimes
in front. They are very pretty also, and are water-lily shaped.

Tonight's first article is called "Notes to God", from children. Enjoy.

A nun asked her class to write notes to God. Here are some of them.

Dear God,
I didn't think orange went with purple until I saw the sunset You made
on Tuesday. That was cool.

Dear God,
Instead of letting people die and having to make new ones, why don't
You just keep the ones You have?

Dear God,
Maybe Cain and Abel would not have killed each other so much if they
had their own rooms. That's what my Mom did for me and my brother.

Dear God,
If You watch me in church on Sunday, I'll show You my new shoes.

Dear God,
I bet it is hard for You to love everybody in the whole world. There are
only 4 people in our family and I'm having a hard time loving all them.

Dear God,
In school they told us what You do. Who does it when You're on vacation?

Dear God,
Are You really invisible or is it just a trick?

Dear God,
Is it true my father won't go to Heaven if he uses his bowling words
in the house?

Dear God,
Did You mean for the giraffe to look like that or was it an accident?

Dear God,
Who draws the lines around the countries?

Dear God,
I went to this wedding and they kissed right in the church. Is that OK?

Dear God,
Did You really mean "do unto others as they do unto you?" Because if
You did, then I'm going to get my brother good.

Dear God,
Thank You for the baby brother, but what I prayed for was a puppy.

Dear God,
Please send me a pony. I never asked for anything before. You can
look it up.

Dear God,
You don't have to worry about me; I always look both ways.

Dear God,
I think about You sometimes, even when I'm not praying.

Dear God,
Of all the people who work for You I like Noah and David the best.

Dear God,
My brother told me about being born, but it doesn't sound right.
They're just kidding, aren't they?

Dear God,
I would like to live 900 years just like the guy in the Bible.

Dear God,
We read that Thomas Edison made light. But in Sunday school they
said You did it. So I bet he stole Your idea.

The first joke tonight was sent to me by Connie aka Meow
It is called "Fuel crisis." Thanks Connie.

A man was driving down the road and ran out of petrol.
Just at that moment, a bee flew in his window.

The bee said, " What seems to be the problem?"
"I'm out of petrol !!"
The bee told the man to wait right there and flew away.
After a few minutes, the man watched as an entire swarm of
bees flew to his car and into his petrol tank.

A few minutes later, the bees flew out.
"Try it now, " said one bee.
The man turned the ignition key and the car started right up.

"Wow !" the man exclaimed, What did you put in my petrol tank?"
The bee answered, "B P."

Three social workers were sitting in the waiting room outside the
Pearly Gates when St. Peter called the first one up to the desk.

"So, what have you done to deserve to come here, my dear?" asked
the old gatekeeper.

"Well, I was a psychiatric social worker at the local hospital. I worked
many long hours under stressful conditions and helped save many
lives," she said.
"Come right in, then and make yourself at home for all eternity,"
St. Peter told her.

When asked what she had done to deserve to walk the streets of gold,
the second social worker replied, " Well I was a social worker at the local
mental health clinic during my lifetime. I worked many long hours under
stressful conditions and helped the team save many lives."

"Come right in, them, and make yourself at home for all eternity." said
St. Peter.

"Now, tell me what you have done to deserve to sing with the angels," he
asked of the third social worker.

"Well, I worked for an insurance company during my lifetime. I worked
many long hours under stressful conditions and I helped save the company
a lot of money," she beamed.

St. Peter looked puzzled for a moment, but then said, " Come right in and
enjoy the wonders of heaven. But don't get too comfortable . . . . you can
only stay for three days !!"

Two professional counselors, Richard and Julie, had been colleagues for
many years. Throughout their careers they had become personally and
professionally inseparable. They were excellent psychotherapists, and
had extensive experience with clients with a wide range of problems.

As time passed, their discussions with each other progressed from the
profane to the religious. They speculated about the existence and nature
of the afterlife. They promised that whichever of them died first would
come back to tell the other "

(1) Whether there is an afterlife; and
(2) Whether they could practice psychotherapy in heaven.

Richard passed away first. After some time had elapsed, and Julie was
well along in grieving his loss, Richard appeared to her early one

Julie was ecstatic. "Tell me," she cried, is there an afterlife and is
psychotherapy practiced in heaven ?"

Richard responded, "I have good news, more good news and bad news !
The first good news is : There is an afterlife ! The next good news is :
Psychotherapy is indeed practiced in heaven. And the bad news is :
You see your first client there at 10 A M !!"

Couple of blonde ones - - -
What is the difference between blondes and traffic signs?
Some traffic sign say stop.
What do you call a dumb blonde behind a steering wheel ?
An airbag.
What is the difference between Bigfoot and an intelligent blonde?
There have actually been sightings of Bigfoot.
Why is it good to have a blonde passenger?
You can park in the handicapped spots.
I went round replacing every window in the house, then I
discovered I had a crack in my glasses.
My neighbor is the laziest man I know. He's so lazy that
he married a pregnant woman !!"
Nelson was dying on board HMS Victory . He looked up
sadly, and said, "Kiss me Hardy !"
Hardy looked down and muttered, " All these years on the
same ship, and now he asks me !"
And a few quotes - - - -

Cheerfulness and goodwill make labor light. Danish proverb.

The winter is past, the rain is over and gone. The flowers appear
on the earth; the time of singing has come. - Song of Solomon.

Friends are the sunshine of life. - - - John Hay.

True happiness consists in making others happy. Hindu proverb.

Just one simple act of kindness might make someone's day ---
or even a new friend.

All animals, except man know that the principle business of
life is to enjoy it. - - - Samuel Butler.

Bye for now my friends, I hope you are all enjoying your lives
and staying as well as possible, Be kind to each other.
Love and best wishes to you all. Cheerio, Merle.

Post 275 - - - Thursday, 2nd August, 2007.


Ava said...

Hello there! I hope that you have a great weekend! I'm going to get some rest this time!!! That's my plan!!!

I agree ... I am seldom bored either. And yes ... aren't blogs wonderful?????

PEA said...

Hello dear Merle:-)

I got a little behind on visiting the last couple of days so will try to make up for it today!! As you say, I don't understand how anyone can be bored, always something to do, especially on the computer! lol With the humidity, it went up to 103F here yesterday...not something I could get use to! Ugh!

I so enjoyed seeing all your pictures in the last 3 posts...the flowers in that planter your grandson made for you are called Million Bells here. I think there are other names for it too, though. They are from the petunia family. Love all your faerie ornaments, you know how dear to my heart faeries are:-)

The jokes and quotes were great as usual...Notes to God is just precious, leave it to children to be so honest and fortright! lol

Take care my friend! xoxox

Karen said...

I was determined to stop by this week! Your photos are beautiful! I love the striped geraniums. You've certainly got a way with growing things.

I enjoyed reading the quotes, especially "Friends are the sunshine of life. - - - John Hay."

Thank you for always being sunshine in my life.

Love & hugs!

T*mmy said...

Oh MY Miz Merle...from the looks of your pictures I do believe you have a "green thumb"!!
Very pretty...
and as for the B.P. if only it were that!!

Meow (aka Connie) said...

Hi Merle,
I just love all the flower pics you have been posting. The only really nice flowers I ever have, are the ones I buy and put in a vase LOL.
Hope you are well.
Take care, hugs, Meow

Alice said...

Your fernery is so pretty and looks such a restful place.

Loved those letters to God. Such absolute, uncomplicated faith.

Have a lovely Friday.

Kali said...

G'day Merle,

Thanks for sharing the plant photos they're lovely, just needed that, and makes me look forward to Spring!

I really enjoyed the Letters to God, simplistic and uncomplicated.
Have a lovely weekend.

Lee said...

Lovely pics, again, Merle. :)

You are so right in saying that there there is much to learn via computers. I know I'm reading and researching stuff all the time. I start on one thing...and next minute, a couple of hours have disappeared!

Puss-in-Boots said...

Love the notes to God, Merle. Kids are so funny and so honest! Even God doesn't!

Have a lovely weekend, Merle and don't work too hard. xoxo

Jeanette said...

Dear Merle.
I go along with you, I truly dont no how people get bored I can find plenty to do everyday and then telly and puter in the evening's,I must admit not much telly depending whats on.
Enjoyed to "letters to God"I can see children saying those things. Its hard to choose between 2 quotes tonight. "Friends are the sunshine of life"."Just one simple act of kindness might make someone's day ---
or even a new friend".Take care Keep warm, looks like a very cold weekend, Love Janxoxoxo

audrey` said...

Dearest Merle
Your front porch is so lovely =)