Sunday, September 30, 2007

The Wooden Bowl.

Post 327 - - - - - Sunday, 30th September, 2007.

Hi Everyone ~~ I hope all is well at your place, wherever that
may be. All OK here, except for a lot of strong winds about.
Lucky the girls came Thursday as Friday was awful. My lovely
Wisteria blew down a mauve carpet of blooms on the path and
gardens nearby. I swept up half a bucket full of blooms, and
that was just on the path so I wouldn't walk them inside, but
it still looks nice. I was glad it looked so pretty on the day !!

Tonight I am posting the story of "The Wooden Bowl" again.
My daughter, Julie sent it to me recently. I posted it ages ago
when my son Geoff sent it. Are they trying to tell me some--
thing? - - like watch out, the wooden bowl is on its way !!

I know most of you have read it several times but it really is
a nice one, so please enjoy it again.

I posted it over from Word, but I see there are some lines that I
couldn't delete. Sorry about that folks. I am still learning about
computers as you can tell. Please chat among yourselves over
the following space !!

I guarantee you will remember the tale of the Wooden Bowl tomorrow, a week from now, a month from now, a year from now.

The Wooden Bowl

A frail old man went to live with his son, daughter-in-law, and four-year
old grandson. The old man's hands trembled, his eyesight was blurred,
and his step faltered. The family ate together at the table.

But the elderly grandfather's shaky hands and failing sight made
eating difficult. Peas rolled off his spoon onto the floor. When he
grasped the glass, milk spilled on the tablecloth.

The son and daughter-in-law became irritated with the mess. "We must do something about father," said the son. "I've had enough of his
spilled milk, noisy eating, and food on the floor."

So the husband and wife set a small table in the corner. There,
Grandfather ate alone while the rest of the family enjoyed dinner.
Since Grandfather had broken a dish or two, his food was served in a
wooden bowl!

When the family glanced in Grandfather's direction, sometime he had a tear in his eye as he sat alone. Still, the only words the couple had for him were sharp admonitions when he dropped a fork or spilled food.

The four-year-old watched it all in silence. One evening before supper, the father noticed his son playing with wood scraps on the floor. He asked the child sweetly, "What are you making?"

Just as sweetly, the boy responded, "Oh, I am making a little bowl for
you and Mama to eat your food in when I grow up." The four-year-old
smiled and went back to work.

The words so struck the parents so that they were speechless. Then
tears started to stream down their cheeks. Though no word was spoken,
both knew what must be done.

That evening the husband took Grandfather's hand and gently led him back to the family table. For the remainder of his days he ate every meal with the family. And for some reason, neither husband nor wife seemed to care any longer when a fork was dropped, milk spilled, or the tablecloth soiled.


Time for a few Jokes - - -

Great truths about growing old - -

Growing old is mandatory; growing up is optional.

Forget the health food, I need all the preservatives
I can get.

Its frustrating when you know all the answers but
nobody bothers to ask you the questions.

Time may be a great healer, but a lousy beautician.

Wisdom comes with age, but sometimes age comes

When you fall down, you wonder wht else you can do while you're down there.

One day the Potato family sat down to dinner. Mother Potato, Father Potato and their 3 daughters.
Midway through the meal the eldest daughter spoke
up. "Mother Potato, I have an announcement to make. I am getting married !"

The other daughters squealed with surprise as Mother Potato exclaimed, "Married? That's great. And who are you marrying, Eldest Daughter?"

"I'm marrying a Russet !"

A Russet," replied Mother Potato with pride, "Oh a
Russet is a fine tater indeed."

As the family shared the eldest daughter's joy, the middle daughter spoke up, "Mother, I too have an
announcement. I too am getting married."

"You too?" Mother Potato said with joy. And who are you marrying Middle Daughter?"

"I'm marrying an Idaho," beamed the middle girl.

"An Idaho !" said Mother Potato, "Oh, an Idaho is a
fine tater indeed."

Once again, the room came alive with laughter and
excitement, when the youngest daughter interrupted. "Mother, I too have an anouncement
I hope this doesn't come as a shock to you, but I'm getting married too."

"Really? said Mother Potato. "All my lovely girls are
getting married. Who are you marrying,Youngest Daughter ?"

"I'm marrying Bruce McAveney ?"

"BRUCE McAVENEY ?" Mother Potato scowled
suddenly, "But he's just a common tater !!"

(Bruce is actually a Melbourne Sports Commentator.)

A drunken man walks into a biker bar, sits down at the bar and orders a drink.

Looking around, he sees 3 men sitting at a corner table. He staggers over to the table, looks at the biggest, meanest biker in the face and says, "I went by your Grandma's house today and I saw her in the hallway buck naked, Man, she's a fine looking woman !"

The biker looks at him and doesn't say a word. His
buddies are confused, because he is one bad biker
and would fight at the drop of a hat.

The drunk leans on the table again and says; " I got
it on with your grandma, the best I ever had."

The biker's buddies are starting to get really mad, but the biker still says nothing.

The drunk leaned on the table one more time and says, "Your grandma liked it too,"

At this point the biker stands up, takes the drunk by the shoulders, looks him square in the eye and says
"Grandpa, go home. You're drunk !!"


Did you hear about the Buddhist who refused
Novacain during root canal ?

His goal : To transcend dental medication.

Bumper sticker - - Man who run in front of car get tired. Man who run behind car get exhausted.

Forty is the old age of youth.

Fifty is the youth of old age. - -Victor Hugo.

That is it for tonight, my friends, I hope you are all
well and happy and enjoying life. Spread some smiles around. Love and best wishes to you all.

Cheers, Merle.

Post 327- - - - - Sunday, 30th September, 2007.



Alice said...

The Wooden Bowl is always food for thought, isn't it, Merle?

I loved your quotes on old age, especially the last one. I can really relate to that one.

I hope you have a great week - even better if it could be a wet one, without all of this wind.

Renie Burghardt said...

Hi Merle,

Oh, this is the first time I read the Wooden Bowl. Very inspiring, and though provoking

Ah, yes, we hope that wisdom comes with age, don't we?

Love the jokes and the quotes, and always enjoy visiting with you. I hope you are having a lovely Monday.

Fond regards,


LZ Blogger said...

Merle ~ Too bad about the wind and that the Wisteria blew down a mauve carpet of blooms, but I bet they loooked pretty even on the ground! ~ jb///

Gledwood said...

Dear Merle
I'm glad you got things working again.
I'm not writing a blockbuster only my memoirs: the blockbuster book was the only thing WH Smiths had that grabbed my attention while browsing. Anyway when I was younger I read so many "creative writing" manuals - all by unknown authors! - enough to be sick so I feel I've surely taken enough advice already without a "How to write memoirs" book as well!

The wooden bowl story was great but - I don't know why - on this computer the text kept over spilling the right hand side of the page (no idea why...)

Do you like Prisoner Cell Block H? I found some gorgeous clips, posted 'em up today. It was a real cult show in this country about 7 years after it came out Down Under...

Lady Di Tn said...

The wooden bowl always is a good lesson for us all.
I have been making the kitchen more friendly for Mimi today. Also, the side of the garage that she enters the car has been de clutter by Prince.
Prince's brother will come over this evening to cook on coals. Hamburgers. We will cook the potatoes and make a salad. Prince got a Key Lime pie at the store bakery for dessert.
Need to run along before everyone starts to gather.
love and prayers

Susie said...

Hi Merle,
Although I've read the wooden bowl story before, it's one I always enjoy.
I also enjoyed the "common tater" joke!
Thanks for always posting jokes to put a smile on our faces!

Jim said...

You are the only one I have heard/read telling the 'wooden bowl story.' It is sooooo sad.

I'm going to peek at Glenwood's blog. I wanted to write my memoirs but have bogged down.
The first effort was in my "All the girls I've ever met" blog.

Have a nice week.
Thank you for your nice comments.

audrey` said...

Dearest Merle

Thank you so much for your prayers.
Be's results will be out around 12 Oct =)

Joy Des Jardins said...

Always love the wooden bowl story Merle....

Got some winds going on huh? I can hear some pretty gusty winds as I sit here right now. I'm so looking forward to all the leaves turning color and the beautiful autumn weather. Take care sweetie....

Puss-in-Boots said...

Hi Merle. The madness is over and I'm back again.

What a lovely photo of you and the other bloggers on your previous post.

Shame about the wisteria but they are beautiful climbers aren't they and just spectacular in full bloom.

Glad that Victoria won the AFL Grand Final...I actually like the Cats, so I was happy they won. In NRL the Storm beat Manly, so Vic have got a double strike this year.

Hugs xoxo

Michele L. Tune said...

Hi Merle,

I love the Wisteria! My Mother has a beautiful Wisteria in her yard as well--aren't they just magnificent?!

As always, it's a joy to come by your blog ;-)

Keep making us smile and "feel the warm fuzzies!"