Thursday, November 15, 2007

Steve Irwin Day.

Post 364 ~ ~ ~ Thursday, 15th November, 2007.

Hello Everyone ~ ~ I hope you are all enjoying a good day/night
wherever you are. All OK her, too darn hot to venture out much.
Have to put out 2 garbage bins, later. One is for garden waste.

My friend and I went to our Computer class last night, and we
learned a few things. Also a few thigs we did not want to learn.
We spent a lot of time on Spreadsheets, which 3 of the 5 of us
were not interested. One lass dropped out after the first class.
We have one to go next week, so we are making lists of things
to ask the instructor.

Today is the first year anniversary of when we lost Steve Irwin.
He was such a popular and loved man and is sadly missed.
The 15th November has been named "Steve Irwin Day." I feel
so very sorry for his lovely widow, Terri and his wonderful kids,
Bindi and Robert. May their pain ease just a little.

I found this quote in the paper from history. ~ ~ ~
by Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin.

"I'm like the boy that never grew up . . . .I love what I do . . .
and people are like, "God, give this guy a valium or something,
you know ? Can't he have a bad day ?"

Today, they celebrated at the Australia Zoo, and unveiled a huge
bronze statue of Steve and his family. Very nice.

First joke tonight was sent to me from my blogging friend Jim
Hope you enjoy. Thanks Jim.

A new pastor was visiting the homes of his parishioners. At one
house it seemed obvious that someone was at home, but no answer
came to his repeated knocks at the door.

So he took out a business card and wrote "Revelation 3:20" on the back
of it and stuck it in the door.

When the offering was processed the following Sunday, he found his
card had been returned. Added was this cryptic message "Genesis 3:10."

Reaching for his Bible to check out the citation, he broke up in gales
of laughter. Revelation 3:20 begins "Behold, I stand at the door & knock."
Genesis 3:10 reads, " I heard your voice in the garden and I was afraid
for I was naked."

Remember when the funniest jokes were the clean ones? They still are.
A cheerful heart is good medicine." (Prov. 17:22)/
A few one liners from my friend embee, husband of Chris B.

I do not know what your problem is, but I bet it is hard to

How about never ? Is never good for you ?

I see you have set aside this special time to humiliate
yourself in public.

I am really very easy to get along with once you people learn
to see it my way.

I don't work here, I am a consultant.

I like you ~~ you remind me of myself when I was young and

You are validating my inherent distrust of strangers.

Do I look like a people person to you ?

I started out with nothing and I still have most of it left.

Errors have been made. Others will be punished.

Ahhh . . . . I see the screw-up fairy has visited us again.

Thanks Mike. Some good ones there.
Some interesting questions ~~

What happens when you go on a survival course ~ and
you don't pass ?

Where do they get Spring water in the other 3 seasons ?

Whatever happened to preparations A through G ?

What is shaved ice ? Did it have hair on it before it was
shaved ?

Where does the fire go when the fire goes out ?

After eating, do amphibians have to wait one hour
before getting out of the water ?
Quotes from famous mothers ~ ~ ~

Batman's mother : It's a nice care, Bruce, but do you
realize how much the insurance will be ?

Goldilock's mother : I've got a bill here for a busted chair
the bear family. You know anything about this Goldie?

Albert Einstein's mother : But Albert, it;s your senior picture.
Can't you do something about your hair ? Styling gel, mousse,
something . . . ?

Mary's mother : I'm not upset that the lamb followed
you to school, Mary, but I would like to know how he got
a better grade than you !!

Little Miss Muffet's mother : Well, all I've got to say is if you
don't get off your tuffet and start cleaning your room. there'll
be a lot more spiders around here.

A man and woman were sittng beside each other in the first
class section of the aeroplane. The woman sneezed, took
out a tissue and gently wiped her nose,then she visibly
shuddered for 10 to 15 seconds.

The man went back to his reading. A few minutes later
the woman sneezed again, took out a tissue, wiped her
nose, then shuddered violently once more. Assuming the
woman might have a cold, the man still was curious about
the shuddering. A few more minutes passed when the
woman sneezed yet again.

As before, she took out a tissue, wiped her nose, her body
shaking more than before. Unable to control his curiosity
any longer, he turned to the woman and said, "I couldn't help
but notice that you've sneezed three times, wiped your nose
and then shuddered violently. Are you OK ?"

"I am sorry if I disturbed you. I have a very rare medical
condition. Whenever I sneeze I have an orgasm."

The man, more than a little embarrassed, was still curious.
"I have never heard of that condition before," he said.
"Are you taking anything for it ?"

The woman nodded. "Pepper."

Two engineering students were walking across a university
campus when one said:"Where did you get such a great bike?"

The second engineer replied, "Well, I was walking along
yesterday, minding my own business when a beautiful
woman rode up on thiis bike, threw it to the ground, took
off all her clothes and said, "Take what you want."

The first engineer nodded approvingly and said, "Good
choice; the clothes probably wouldn't have fitted you

A lady placed an ad in the classifieds : Husband Wanted.

Next day she received a hundred letters. They all said the
same thing : "You can have mine !!"
A woman is incomplete until she is married. Then she is
A few quotes ~ ~ ~

One should either be sad ot joyful. Contentment is a warm
sty for eaters or sleepers. ~ ~ Eugene O'Neill.

A room without books is like a body without a soul.
~ ~ Cicero

When I was young, I was sure of everything; in a few years,
having been mistaken a thousand times; I was not half as sure
of most things as I was before. At present, I am hardly sure
of anything but what God has revealed to me.
~ ~ ~ John Wesley.

Every charitable act is a stepping stone towards Heaven.
~ ~ ~ Henry Ward Beecher.
Bye for now folks. I hope you are enjoying your lives. Be kind
to yourselves and each other. Love and best wishes to you all.
Cheers, Merle.

Post 364 ~ ~ ~ Thursday, 15th November, 2007.



Renie Burghardt said...

Dear Merle,

It's hard to believe it has been a year already since Steve Irwin passed away. I loved to watch him on Animal Planet.

The Revelation message and the Genesis answer was funny! The quotes from famous mother's is cute. The reply to the "husband wanted" was also funny.

Love the quotes, especially about a room without books, and charitable acts being a stepping stone towards Heaven.

I enjoyed my doses of fun and cheer as usual. Have a wonderful day, dear Merle.

Warmest regards,


Jeanette said...

Hi Dear Merle, Its getting hot Phew 35c, air cons going..
I just come on to get my daily dose of laughter.
good jokes, famous mothers, little miss Muffet,hehehe, and great quotes..
Take care try to keep cool see you soon love Jan

Granny said...

Steve Irwin will live on in many of our memories.

So you don't like the spreadsheet? You would have hated my job. I used to go home at night and compose them in my sleep. Scary!!

It must be almost your weekend by now. If I don't get back before then, have a good one.

Lady Di Tn said...

Ah Professor Poo Poo, he wants to teach what he wants to teach not what the class wants. Tell him to go back to teaching high school kids and not adult classes.

Glad you are all stocked up again and are doing well.


Jim said...

It sure doesn't seem like a year since Steve Irwin died. I'm glad you all remember the day for him.

The 'AnswerBag' said "The "H" is for "Hemorrhoids", the condition which the product is used to treat. There were no A-G versions."

You cuties were cute today. Thanks for the knock and garden one for me. In Texas your engineer would be a Texas Agie, for a Texas A&M University alumni or student.
We have as many Agie jokes here as the rest of the world has blonde one.

Leann said...

yes steve was a gem.too bad he is gone.I liked to watch his show.I prayed for his family when he died what a loss.
they seem to be taking it well.
when you have someone who loved you so well and long you never really lose them.they are always there in your heart.
as always your jokes and saying made my day.your a blessing merle.

PEA said...

Hello dear Merle:-)

You need to move here during your summer, it's much cooler here! lol I just heard on the news that where Steve lives they are expecting over 30 cm of snow in the next day or so...that's just 3 hours away from here but we're not expected to get that storm, thank goodness.

Gosh, hard to believe it's been a year since Steve Irwin passed away...goes to prove how time really is flying past. He will never be forgotten, that's for sure.

Oh dear, that joke about the woman sneezing all the time had me in stitches...too funny! Also loved the pastor one:-)

Take care dear friend!! xoxo

ChrisB said...

Hi Merle
I have just been reading a tribute to Steve Irwin in my daily newspaper. He was popular over here from his TV programmes.

I also wanted to say thanks for giving us a mention. Embee was thrilled you posted his one liners.

I really wish I had taken computer lessons, so good for you.
take care
Chris x

audrey` said...

Good Morning Merle

How are you today?

It has been a year since Steve Irwin left us. Terri is a very strong lady. May our good Lord look after them =)

Take care, my friend.

Puss-in-Boots said...

Hello Merle. I was just saying to Peter that it's hard to seem that a year has already passed since Steve Irwin's death. The world is a darker place without that bright personality lighting it.

I like the questions...where did the fire go when it went

It's not too hot here, most unusual for November...only about 26 degrees. Maybe Australia has been turned upside down and you're getting the heat instead of us.

Hope you can stay cool. Hugs xoxo

Janice said...

Hi Merle,

I was just asking my husband hasn't it been a year since Steve Irvin died, we weren't sure but now I am.

It was nice that they put up that bronze of him.

His wife said about him on that Barbra Walters interview here in the state that he was her knight in shinning armor, her prince, and he taught her how to have fun and jump in mud puddles.

I hope she can continue to jump in those mud puddles as much as she wants with her children.


Renie Burghardt said...

Just stopped back to wish you a blessed weekend, dear Merle. Keep cool!


audrey` said...

Dearest Merle

Thank you so much for the recipes exchange excitement.
It's a very great fun =)

Kerri said...

What a nice tribute that statue is. Hard to believe it's been a year since he died. So sad for his family. The world lost a good man.
I've had such fun reading your last couple of posts Merle. My favourite is the "Yearly Dementia Test". I failed miserably :)
The new header photo of your family is just beautiful.

Lucy Stern said...

Merle, Steve loved his family and what he did for a living. I wish he had been a little more careful with his life so that he could watch his children grow up and enjoy his grandchildren....

Raggedy said...

Fabulous post!!!!