Friday, March 21, 2008

Woodsman and the Leprechaun.

Post 427 ~ ~ ~ Friday, 21st March, 2008.

Hello my Friends ~~ Just a last goodbye before I leave
tomorrow. Thank you for those who have been good
enough to keep Vicki in your thoughts and prayers.
They won't do anything until after Easter now. We just
hope and pray that it is benign, as most of this sort are.
But any brain surgery is not a lot of fun, so just trust
that she will fully recover.

My short story tonight is called "The Woodsman and
the Leprechaun." I hope you enjoy it.

Long ago, a woodsman saved the life of a leprechaun and
was given one wish.

The woodsman thought for a long time and finally wished
that each of his three daughters find a good husband. But
the leprechaun was full of games.

:How am I to know what's good in your mind? I'll give
them husbands, but you can name only one quality and
it's got to be the same for all. I can make them clever,
strong, beautiful, rich -- you name it."

The woodsman said, " Give me men of good character."
The leprechaun wasn't finished playing, "How do I know
what good character is ?"

"Do you have children ?" asked the woodsman.
"I do," said the leprechaun.
"Do you love them ?"
"More than life itself."

"Then give my girls the kind of men you would want
for your children."
"Ah," said the leprechaun,"then you shall have
honorable men with kind loving hearts. And I'll throw
in strong conscience, too."

The woodsman was a shrewd man and a good father.
He knew that the well-being and happiness of his
children depended on the quality of their relationships,
and that depended on the quality of the people they
were with.

But what if the woodsman was asked what one quality
he wanted in his own daughters? As a wise father, he
would again have asked for good character.

Whether it's in one's spouse or oneself, cleverness and
good looks, and money are nice, but in the end the
most essential quality of a good life is good character.

Time for a few jokes ~ ~ ~

An out of towner drove his car into a ditch in a
desolated area. Luckily, a local farmer came to help
with his big strong horse named Buddy.

He hitched Buddy uo to the car and yelled, "Pull
Nellie, pull" Buddy didn't move.
Then the farmer hollowed, "Pull, Buster, pull."
Buddy didn't respond.
Once more the farmer commanded, "Pull, Coco, pull."
Then the farmer nonchalantly said, "Pull, Buddy, pull."

The horse easily dragged the car out of the ditch.
The motorist was most appreciative and very curious.
He asked the farmer why he called his horse by the
wrong name three times.

"Well Buddy is blind and if he thought he was the
only horse pulling, he wouldn't even try."

A guy named David received a parrot for his birthday.
The parrot was fully grown with a bad attitude and
an even worse vocabulary. Every other word was a
curse word.

David tried hard to change the bird's attitude and was
continually saying polite words, playing soft music,
as he tried to set a good example. Nothing worked.
He yelled at the bird and the bird yelled back. He shook
the bird and the bird got angrier and ruder.

Finally, in a moment of desperation, David put the parrot
in the freezer. For a few minutes he heard the bird squawk
and kick and scream. Then suddenly it was quiet. Not a
sound for half a minute. David was frightened that he
might have hurt the bird and quickly opened the freezer

The parrot calmly stepped out onto David's extended arm
and said, "I believe I may have offended you with my rude
language and actions. I will endeavor at once to correct
my behavior. I really am truly sorry and beg your

David was astonished at the bird's change of attitude
and was about to ask what had made such a dramatic
change, when the parrot continued, "May I ask what
the turkey did ?"

One day a guy died and found himself in hell.
As he was wallowing in despair, he had his first meeting
with a demon. The demon asked, ""Why so glum?"

The guy responded, "What do you think? I'm in hell."
Hell's not so bad," the demon said, "We actually
have a lot of fun down here. You a drinking man?
"Sure, " the man said, "I love to drink."

"Well, you're gonna love Mondays then. On Mondays
all we do is drink. Whiskey, tequila, Guinness, wine
coolers, vodka and Red Bull. We drink till we throw
up and then we drink some more."

The guy is astounded, "Damn, that sounds great."
"You a smoker ?" the demon asked.
"You better believe it."

"You're gonna love Tuesdays. We get the finest
cigars from all over the world and smoke our
lungs out. If you get cancer, no biggie. You're
already dead, remember ?"

"Wow," said the guy, "that's awesome."
The demon said, "I bet you like to gamble."
"Why, yes as a matter of fact I do.
"Wednesdays, you can gamble all you want.
Craps, blackjack, roulette, poker, whatever.
If you go bankrupt, well, you're dead anyhow."

"You into drugs ?"
"Are you kidding? I love drugs. You don't mean . . ."
"That's right. Thursday is drug day. Help yourself
to a great big bowl of crack or smack. Smoke a
doobie the size of a submarine. You can do all the
drugs you want, you're dead, who cares?"

"Wow," said the guy, starting to feel better about his
situation, "I never realised Hell was such a cool place."
The demon said, "You gay ?"
"No way."
{Ooooh, you're gonna hate Fridays."

Thought for the day ~ ~ ~
Love your neighbors, but don't pull down the fence.
~ ~ ~ Chinese Proverb.

Time to close tonight, a busy day tomorrow. I will
"see" you all when I get home again. Look after each
other and yourselves. Enjoy the rest of your Easter.
Love and best wishes to you all. Cheers, Merle.

Post 427 ~ ~ ~ Friday, 21st March, 2008.


Gledwood said...

Hi Merle have a good break and I hope your niece gets better soon. Take care lots of love xx

Lady Di Tn said...

Have fun on the mini re union and we sure did enjoy the post today. Have a wonderful Easter my friend. peace

Jeanette said...

Hi Dear Merle, Have a great time at Bacchus marsh with Michelle and your Mini reunion.. Great jokes and quotes, here from you on your return, love Jan

Margaret said...

Dear Merle, I think I have told you before how much I love Bacchus Marsh. We used to stop there when I was a child to have a glass apple cider.
This was when we were driving to Melbourne to visit my aunts and uncles. It seemed such a long was an such an adventure in those days. Hope you have a great time.
Love and God Bless Margaret

deborah wilson said...

Dear Merle,

Wishing you a great time this weekend!

I'm hanging with Mom and the grandkids - instead of cooking a lot, we're just going to throw some meat on the grill and make potato salad and roast some corn.


Joy Des Jardins said...

Vicki is most definitely in my well as Peter. You as a mother know that these things are just as hard on a parent. My love goes out to Peter and his family....

Have a really wonderful time away Merle....enjoy every minute...Happy Easter my friend....

JunieRose2005 said...

Have a wonderful Easter holiday, Merle.

I'm keeping Vicki, Peter and all of you in my prayers.



LZ Blogger said...

Happy Easter to you and your family Meryl! ~ jb///

Anonymous said...

Hi Aunty Merle, thankyou so much for your thoughts and prayers, and those of your fellow bloggers. Hope you have a lovely Easter break. I really loved the "Christian Sister" post, I shall print it out when we get home from Adelaide - we're shearing this week so will be busy and no time to think and be miserable - which I'm not. Just want this thing dealt with so that I can be as fit and healthy as I was last time we saw each other.
You are a great comfort for Dad - thankyou, and to many others too. Take care and much love, Vicki

Janice said...

Hi Merle,

I'll keep Vicky in my prayers.

Have a nice weekend and trip, and Happy Easter!


Jim said...

Hi Merle, have a nice break. Once again we get to see how the nice family and friends watch over you.

Thank you for the update on Vicki. There are a lot praying for her, Peter, and the family (and the medical personnel).

Renie Burghardt said...

Dear Merle,

I hope your Easter was lovely with your cousins. I have been so busy preparing for it, that I haven't been around. I will be keeping Vickie and Peter in my prayers!

Almost time to get ready for church, then cooking.

We were worried about the cabin on the river with the floods around here. Greg was finally able to go check on it Friday. He went with the 4-wheeler. And although the flood waters came up to the deck, they did not reach the cabin itself, so that was a relief.

I enjoyed your post as always. Many prayers for Vickie and your brother, dear Merle. Sorry I missed these posts this week.

Love and Blessings,


audrey` said...

Dearest Merle

Vicki is in our Lord's good hands.
Trust Him, our best healer and physician.

Take care, my dear friend =)

mreddie said...

Hope you enjoy your time away and mini-reunion, we all need that sort of thing now and again. May Vicki's surgery go well and recovery be complete. ec

Anonymous said...

Merle I hope you had a wonderful break. Its lovely when family get togethers can be arranged. With people so busy nowadays its good to save that special time for the ones you love.
Vivki is very brave and from reading her comment above, very strong and thankful of your love.
I'll go over and let Peter know I am thinking of you all.
Love and hugs
Daffy xxxx

Gledwood said...

Hi Merle I just looked up Shepparton on Google maps I see how you are NOT by any means in "Melbourne"!! (I know you said 2 hours away but my geography of inland Australia is terrible)... then I whizzed outwards on the map on a ladder/railway-looking thing and realized you are actually as far from Melbourne (almost) as Sydney from Canberra! Hope you had a great break take care

Anonymous said...

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audrey` said...

Dearest Sister

How is Vicki?
May our good Lord heal her completely and speedily.
Take care, dearest Merle.


Gledwood said...

Hope all's well Merle: come back soon!


Leann said...

Have a god break my friend.vickie is in my prayer.the Lord healed me of cancer and got me through it.I am sure he willdo the same for vickie.

loved the jokes as always you light up my life.
God bless you my dear.