Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Family Politeness.

Post 464 ~ ~ ~ Wednesday, 11th June, 2008.

Hello Everyone ~~ Thank you all for your comments
about my day out, and I have posted some pictures of
Pavlova - a beautiful cold Australian dessert. This is
my favorite dessert, as I have already mentioned.

Banana and Passion-fruit filling.

Various fruit filling.

Strawberries and Kiwi fruit.

Thank you for the kind words about my friends. I did enjoy
seeing them, but it was kind of bitter sweet too. So sad to
see and hear the things that were repeated over and over.
I was very pleased that Merle could hear me. Sean rings
a few times a year and gives me the news, and then puts
Merle on and she can't hear on the phone. So that was a plus.
John is a great joker, as was my father, and when they left
me there, he told Sean he would be back in about 3 months.

I hope the world is being kind to you all, as we
are midway through the week here. I went shopping
yesterday, but forgot a few things, so my friend and
neighbor Lorraine took me to a near-by supermarket
to get the things that I forgot. I will write my shopping
list earlier next fortnight. Before I get too tired.

Tonight's nice story was sent by my friend, Barbara.
Thank you Barbara.

I ran into a stranger as he passed by,
'Oh excuse me please' was my reply.

He said, 'Please excuse me too;
I wasn't watching for you.'

We were very polite, this stranger and I.
We went on our way and we said goodbye.

But at home a different story is told.
How we treat our loved ones, young and old.

Later that day, cooking the evening meal,
My son stood beside me very still.

When I turned, I nearly knocked him down.
'Move out of the way,' I said with a frown.

He walked away, his little heart broken.
I didn't realize how harshly I'd spoken.

While I lay awake in bed,
God's still small voice came to me and said:

'While dealing with a stranger, common courtesy
you use,
but the family you love, you seem to abuse.

Go and look on the kitchen floor,
You'll find some flowers there by the door.

Those are the flowers he brought for you.
He picked them himself; pink yellow and blue.

He stood very quietly not to spoil the surprise,
you never saw the tears that filled his little eyes.'

By this time, I felt very small,
And now my tears began to fall.

I quietly went and knelt by his bed;
'Wake up, little one, wake up,' I said.

'Are these the flowers you picked for me?"
He smiled, 'I found them, out by the tree.

I picked them because they're pretty like you.
I knew you'd like them, especially the blue.'

I said, 'Son, I'm very sorry for the way I acted today;
I shouldn't have yelled at you that way.'

He said, 'Oh, Mom, that's okay,
I love you anyway.

I said, 'Son, I love you too,
and I love the flowers, especially the blue.'

Time for some jokes people ~ ~ ~
Asking Questions.

Jack and Max are walking from religious
service. Jack wondered whether it would be
all right to smoke while praying.

Max replies, "Why don't you ask the Priest?"
So Jack goes up to the priest and asks, "Priest,
may I smoke when I pray?"

The priest says, "No, my son, you may not.
That's utter disrespect to our religion."

Jack goes back to his friend and tells him what
the good priest told him. Max says, "I'm not
surprised. You asked the wrong question. Let
me try."

And so Max goes up to the priest and asks,
"Priest , may I pray while I smoke?"

To which the priest eagerly replies, "By all
means, my son. By all means."

Moral :The reply you get depends on the
question you ask.

This one is from my friend Patty Thank you.
Scotch and two drops of water.

A lady goes to a bar on a cruise ship and orders
a Scotch with 2 drops of water. As the bartender
gives her the drink, she says, I'm on this trip to
celebrate my 80 th birthday and it's today. . ."

The bartender says, "Well, since it's your birthday.
I'll buy you a drink. In fact, this one is on me."
As the woman finishes her drink, the women to her
right says, "I would like to buy you a drink too."

The old woman says, "Thank you. Bartender, I want
a Scotch and 2 drops of water. "

"Coming up," says the bartender.
As she finishes that drink, the man to her left says,
"I would like to buy you one too."

The old woman says, "Thank you. Bartender, I want
another scotch with 2 drops of water."
"Coming right up," the bartender says, as he gives her
the drink. "Ma'am, I'm dying of curiosity. Why the
Scotch with only two drops of water?"

The old woman replies, "Sonny, when you're my age,
you've learned how to hold your liquor. Holding
your water, however is a whole other issue."

Your sweetie says, "Let's go upstairs and make love,"
and you answer. "Pick one; I can't do both."

Your friends compliment you on your new alligator
shoes and you're barefoot.

A sexy babe catches your fancy and your pacemaker
opens the garage door.

You are cautioned to slow down by the doctor
instead of by the police.

Getting a little action means you don't need
to take any fiber today.

Getting lucky means you find your car in the
parking lot.

An all nighter means not getting up to use the

You are not sure these are jokes.

A sergeant put this problem to a recruit.
"Suppose it's war-time . You're walking in the
woods, and you suddenly come up against
10 of the enemy. What would you do?"

After a moment's silence, the recruit's face
brightened, and he replied, "Surround them

A small town's only barber was known for his
arrogant, negative attitude. When one of his
customers mentioned he'd be going to Rome
on holiday and hoped to meet the Pope, the
barber's reaction was typical. "You, lad, Meet
the Pope.? Don't make me laugh. The pope sees
kings and queens and presidents. What would
he wan with you?"

A month later, the man returned for another
haircut. "How was Rome?" asked the barber.

"Great. I saw the pope.
"From St Peter's Square, I suppose with the rest
of the crowd." said the barber.

"Yes, but then two guards came up, said the pope
wanted to meet me, and took me right into his
private apartment in the Vatican.
"Really?" the barber asked, "What did he say?"
"He said, "Who gave you that lousy haircut?"

The truck driver stopped at a roadside diner.
His waitress brought him a hamburger, a cup of
coffee and a piece of pie.

As the trucker was about to start eating, three
men in leather jackets pulled up on motor-cycles
and came inside. One grabbed the man's hamburger,
the second one drank his coffee and the other one
took his pie. The truck driver didn't say a word.
He got up, put on his jacket, paid the cashier and
One of the biker's said to the cashier. "Not much
of a man, is he?"

"He's not much of a driver either," she replied
"He just ran his truck over three motor-cycles."

Well, it is time to say Goodnight folks, Have a
good end of the week. I hope your weather is
pleasant wherever you are It has been nice here
so far and not too cold. Love and Best Wishes
to you all. Cheers, Merle.

Post 464, Wednesday, 11 th June, 2008.


Bear Naked said...

Getting lucky means you find your car in the parking lot."

Oh how true this is. I always forget where I have parked it.

Lady Di Tn said...

I like the truckers quite justice. Yummy, those dessert make me hungry. Prince is cutting grass in the front yard so I am putting off making dinner until he comes in. Puppy has gotten in from work also. So I guess we will have an early dinner for a change. John sounds like our cousin Bill as that is exactly what he would have said. Ha ha.
Glad your neighbor took you for the missing items. I have been guilty of having an item on the list and still not picking it up so I mark the items off when I put them in the basket. Peace

Lee said...

Yum! Yum! Yum! Hi Merle - sorry for being so absent this year. I promise I will do better!

Glad to see all is well with you. Take good care.

Old Lady Lincoln said...

Like the haircut joke and also how to ask a question.
Sleep well my friend.

Gattina said...

Hhmm ! that looks so yummy ! I love everything with a lot of fruits ! I am sure I would love it !
Our summer for the moment has winter temperatures, only 15° ! after 28° three days ago ! it's a terrible yoyo !

EmBee said...

Scotch and two drops is so my standard too Thanks Best Wishes EmBee

Dave said...

Great post as always Merle..!

I loved the pictures of Pavlova.. but exactly what's in it?
Do you have a recipe for us way-Northerners???

JunieRose2005 said...


Oh,my goodness!

That dessert looks very good!


Mountain Mama said...

Funny jokes!! I love the one about the pace maker! I could just visualize the scene. LOL
Those photos of the dessert look scrumptious. I will be looking it up to see how it's made.
I hope you have had a wonderful week Merle and I wish you a great week-end,

deborah wilson said...

Merle, the desserts look sooo good! I love cake with fruit on top. I call them tropical cakes. I like pineapple upside down cake too...:)

DellaB said...

Hi Merle, I've been away for a while as you know, and I was SO pleased to hear from you on my birthday.

Now I am on my way around to visiting old (no pun intended) blogging friends and check the links on my blogroll are still current.

(it's a new place but I have transferred all my links..)

But I have to say, if I find so much to read everywhere I go it's going to take me all year!

That's to say that I have really enjoyed my first visit back, your funny stories are the 'best' and you have such a way of bringing friends and events to life - no wonder you've picked up this big swag of awards.


audrey` said...

Lorraine is so nice =)