Saturday, May 14, 2011

Home at Last.

Post 734 ~~ Saturday 14th May, 2011.

Hello again all my dear friends ~~ Thank you so much for your concern, prayers etc for me in what
was supposed to be a two day trip. However I got a blood infection after the operation to crush
a large kidney stone, then after that I developed heart problems and from all I heard, I think I almost
died. I know I was very very sick. I spent 6 days in ICU, then a week in Cardiac Care, and the just over 2 weeks in Rehab doing exercises and getting some strength back. I found everyone really kind and caring in both the Hospital and the Rehabilitation Centre. I had wonderful care, and a few visitors. My son in Sunbury visited most nights and brought me magazines and cans of Sprite, which I find very refreshing. I don't drink tea or coffee, so water alone gets boring.

My daughter Kathy who lives 5 hours away, came and brought me home, then worked like a slave washing, cooking me some soup, and sweet and sour chicken. She also cleaned out my fridge and
cupboards and did some shopping for fresh fruit and vegetables etc etc. She had to go home on Friday afternoon as she has to take her two youngest to play football and netball. She said she would come back again, but I told her not to, that I would manage. Her daughter Kate is coming tomorrow to do any jobs etc. That is Kate the chef from her restaurant in Denilquin just over the border in New South Wales.
I hope all is going well for you all. I have missed my computer and the friends within it.
I will put a better post on in the next day or so. I am not typing too well and having to keep checking and altering words. At present I have to use a walking frame until the Pysio says I can use a stick.
I want to get to walking unaided like before.
I was quite angry to think that a little kidney stone might have taken me off. I have a large anuerysm
and fair enough if that takes me, or hit by a bus etc, but a kidney stone!!!
Will be back to you all soon. Again my sincerest thanks for you caring and concern. That meant a
lot to me over the past month and a bit. I had 380 e mails to sort out, and a whole heap of mail
to go through. But I am getting there. Also thank to my brother Peter for posting updates. He has
his own problems at present having suffered a Bells Palsy which they say will heal in 6 to 8 weeks.
I sure hope so. He tells me he is not in pain or even feeling sick. He has had to gi ve up hot drinks and has trouble eating and drinking as one side of his face is paralysed.

Bye for now, Love and best wishes to you all. Cheers, Merle.

Post 734 ~~ Saturday, 14th May, 2011.


Peter said...

Welcome back Merle

Patty said...

Dear Merle, welcome home. Hope you continue to feel stronger each day. Also hope your brother is as good as new in about six weeks or sooner. It's a nice cool morning, I want to mow before it gets too hot, so I better get myself dressed, take my medications, fix some breakfast and get outside. Then I have some laundry to do up. Thank goodness for automatic washers, I used the old wringer type up till 1981. Take care and try to relax and let people wait on you. Love, Patty

HOOTIN' ANNI said...

Now that is scary!!! Don't do that to us....glad you're back home. Now, you hear me, and hear me clear--------REST!!

Sue @ Not the Good Scissors! said...

Welcome back. So glad that you are doing much better. Keep doing what the docs tell you to do.

jel said...

WooHoo! glad your back.

Meow (aka Connie) said...

Welcome back, Merle, and hope you get your full mobility back asap. Have missed you on here, always enjoy reading your posts (even though I don't often comment on them). Glad you are on the mend, and hope you continue to do so. Sending love and hugs xxxx
Connie xx

Joy Des Jardins said...

Oh Merle...I'm SO glad you're finally home. What an ordeal, huh? I know you didn't expect all the drama; but I'm happy everything turned out okay. I hope you feel stronger and stronger with each day. I'm glad you've had your family around to help get things back to are dearly loved my friend.

Please take care of yourself and get enough rest....All my love, Joy

Jack K. said...

Welcome back, Merle. I was wondering how you were doing. Glad to know that you are on the mend. I hope you will be able to go dancing in the near future. Not that you must, but that you can should you choose.

Take care.

Rob said...

It's good to see you back home Merle, I was shocked to read what happened to you but the important thing is that you're on the mend. Don't be afraid to let people help you out if they want too until you are properly better as I'm sure they wouldn't offer if it was a problem.

Pearl said...

So happy your home!!!!!
I was very worried about you. Missed you so much.
Take it slow and took good care.
Sending you big hugs,

Gledwood said...

Congratulations on getting out!!

Blood infection? Septicaemia? You must have felt dire. I'm glad you're OK now.

Have you ever tried redbush tea? It's really nice. I once did a "give up smoking" plan that involved drinking mint tea instead of normal or coffee. It's to break the association with cigarettes and it was really nice.

Keep getting better and...

Keep smiling :-)

HORIZON said...

It's just so lovely to see you post again Merle- glad you are home- what an adventure you've had - l was really worried for you.
Our internet's been playing up again so will quickly post this comment. Just so happy to have you back with us.
Lots of love
sarah x

Janice said...

Hi Merle,

Welcome back. It's so good to see your posts again. :) Remember a stone took out the mighty Goliath so why couldn't a kidney stone almost take you out too?

I was so glad Peter kept up your blog and posted how you were doing.

I'm sorry to hear about your brother and hope he is doing better soon. My thoughts and prayers are with your continued recovery and Peter's too.


Big Dave T said...

MERLE--Awesome that you're back and doing well. Hospitals are notorious sometimes for making you sicker when they're supposed to make you well. Peter filled in admirably in your absence. You have such a wonderful, supportive family. We should all be so lucky.

Sue said...

Welcome Back, I missed you. Every day I would go to your site and whisper a prayer for you. I was so happy when I opened the blog on Sunday and there you were, updated. GET WELL STAY Strong.
Love Sue

Granny Annie said...

WELCOME HOME MERLE!!! You were greatly missed but Peter did a good job keeping us posted and keeping us laughing. You can see how concerned we all were for your health and how much we pray for your continued recovery. Our life has taken a turn with Ron being admitted to hospital with all kinds of problems stemming from chemo and radiation. I think he is praying for that bus to hit him.

Dave said...

Welcome home dear friend!!!

I just got back from a vacation and was so happy to see you back home. *Smile*

What a wonderful family you have.. you're truly blessed.

Lady Di Tn said...

I am so happy one of my favorite blogger is back home and on the mend. With determination and physical activity you should get back to walking with a cane. Let everything go except your daily exercise as that will get you back on track. My 92 year old MIL does her exercises religiously. Wishing you enough. Love and Peace

Theanne and Baron said...

So happy you're home was very nice to have your brother keeping us updated...but missed you! I know it really is strange to think a kidney stone could set off such a chain of health events for you. So sorry about what is happening with take your time and post when you want to and feel up to it!
Love and hugs, Theanne

audrey` said...

(((HUGS))) Merle. Please take very good care of yourself :)

Deborah Wilson said...

Dear Merle,

I'm just glad that you are back and that God took care of you! [And your wonderful family and friends]