Sunday, January 15, 2012

Back Home Again.

Post 763 ~ ~ ~ Sunday, 15th January, 2012.

Hello again my Dear Dear friends ~~ You don't know how much I treasure
knowing you and sharing our lives with each other. I am quite sure all your
messages and prayers helped in my recovery. They certainly lifted my spirits
and kept me heading in the right direction, so I say a huge Thank you to
you all and I will eventually get around to answering you all individually.

I want to thank my brother for his updates on my condition and for keeping
my friends informed on my condition. Thanks, little brother - It was hard
with all the distance between us and John. He was absolutely marvellous
and such a help to me over that long period, from 24 November until the
10th January. I came home on Tuesday 10th January, but was making so
many typing errors, that it is only now, that I am feeling able to try for a
post. I feel very weak and rely on my walking frame to get around. I am
hoping to get a lot stronger very soon.

My beautiful grand-daughter arrived yesterday from Brisbane to stay a
week and has been a big help already. I don't want to take all her time
though so she can see her friends and spend time with her Dad,
Two grand-daughters got married last week so we are just getting cards
off to them while they are on their honeymoons. I had hopes of seeing
the one in Melbourne, but had no hope of the one in Queensland.

I won't even attempt a joke today, but hope to do better very soon.
Again, thank you to everyone who sent messages and good wishes,
I love you all. Merle.

Post 763, ~ ~ ~ Sunday, 15th January, 2012.


♥●• İzdihër •●♥ said...


We all missed you.
I am glad you are feeling better.
God bless you.

Jim said...

Merle, I am sooooo happy for you!

I know you are very glad to be home. Probably you have a ways to go yet but we all know you can make it. We won't stop pulling and praying for you.
BTW, my doctor says I am ready for rehab therapy for my back now. I hope some more pain will go away. I think it is to strengthen the back muscles?

Meow (aka Connie) said...

Welcome Home, Merle ... so glad you are back in your own home. Wishing you a speedy recovery back to your old self. Please take care. Many hugs coming your way. Lots of love, Connie xxx

AZ said...

Hi Merle! Welcome home, I must admit I never comment, but I always drop in to read your blog. I lost you when my computer died, but after some searching I found you again. Anyway, greetings from Arizona.

Granny Annie said...

Yea! Hooray! WooHoo! Welcome back Merle.

Peter said...

Hi Big Sister,
I was starting to think I had broken your site when it took so long for you to post, glad to see you are home and hopefully on the road to recovery.
send me some names etc for the family tree update when you are able.

word verification is flopsie... seems apt.

Mountain Mama said...

Oh Merle I am so glad you are back home and doing well. What a relief!! Yes your brother is quite a treasure. We appreciate his updates very much.
I'm glad your granddaughter is staying with you a while. You take good care of yourself and get that strength back.
Love, Hugs & Prayers

Anonymous said...

It is so WONDERFUL that you're home jokes's just an answer to my prayers for your healing and now you're home! You are so blessed to have family that can help you out, Peter was such a love to keep us updated on how you were coming along! And now your grand-daughter to stay a week and help you!

Love to you too Merle

jel said...

glad to see ya back Merle,
missed ya! huggs

and thanks Peter , for keeping us uptodate!

ancient one said...

Yay... Merle, it is so good to see your post come up in the reader! I am so happy for you. Don't over do it...take your time to get all your strength back. *big smile

Marcus said...

Welcome home Auntie Merle, great to hear you are getting better.
Take care
Love Marcus Carolyn and family

Dave said...

Welcome back dear friend!!!!

It's so nice to see your own words (not that there's anything wrong with Peters!)

Here's hoping you get better and better every day. *S*

Big Dave T said...

It's great to see you back here and in such good spirits. Brightens my day (and it's quite rainy and chilly here).

Joy Des Jardins said...

OHHHH, I'm so happy that you're home Merle...and I know that you are too. It's so nice for you to have your granddaughter there for a helpful when you're recovering and getting your strength back. Just don't worry about anything sweetie...take your time and build your stamina back up. You were gone for a long time...and we ALL missed you so much. Sending you lots and lots of love my dear friend... Love, Joy

Anonymous said...

A BIG Welcome home!! I read your blog almost every day for several years, but never commented before. I really missed and worried about you, but as a very old timer myself, I know how good it feels to survive and get back home after a health struggle. Hang in there and be careful! A big hug from Arizona

PEA said...

Such wonderful news that you're now home again, dear Merle!! Been so worried about you and I really appreciated Peter keeping us posted on how you were doing. Now you must rest and regain your strength prayers are with you and I wish you a full recovery:-) Love to you my friend. xoxo

Beth E. said...

Sweet Merle,
I hope you are feeling much stronger now, and will soon be back to blogging. I know I haven't been blogging much myself, but I've been trying to do better. ;-)

Lots of love and prayers,

audrey` said...

We love you very much too, Merle (((HUGS)))