Sunday, September 10, 2006

9/11 Tribute

Hello Everyone on the eve of that terrible day five
years ago. A day no one will ever forget and nor should
we. Personally I spent days glued to the TV News and
crying and feeling so angry and so helpless.

I took part in the 2996 campaign to pay tribute to one
of the victims. His name is Guy Barzvi and he was only
29 years of age, and was at work at his job as manager
of part of Cantor Fitzgerald/Espeed on the 103rd floor
of the north building, the first to be struck.

Photo of Guy Barzvi, aged 29 years 7 months.

World Trade Center
I would like to offer my very sincere condolences to Guy’s family
and many friends who still grieve for him and are still missng
this fine young man so badly. I hope that time may have eased
their pain a little, but it never really leaves us when we lose a
loved one. And to die so needlessly and cruelly makes it all so
much worse. My deepest sympathy to you all.

The little I have been able to research about Guy, showed me a very
happy and fun-loving young man who played guitar and also taught
others to play. He was a Jewish man, who liked to break-dance in
the streets, one friend remembers.

He was very much liked and respected by his work-mates and his
attitude was much admired. In fact many strived for his same ideals
and his peace loving ways.
Truly a fine young man.
His sister Lori tells of long telephone talks with him and his plans
to celebrate his 30th birthday just 5 months away.

Planning a Birthday

Guy Barzvi was excited about turning 30 next February. He told his
younger sister, Lori, that he was spending too much time on work and
too little time on himself. But that was about to change.

"He was trying to figure out how he could have more quality of life,"
Lori said.

The son of Israeli immigrants, Guy often wandered far from his home
in Forest Hills, Queens. He had traveled to Seville, Spain, and yearned
to return sometime soon. In the meantime, he learned to salsa and strum
flamenco on a guitar. Not long ago, he began making plans for his birthday.
He had heard of a party scheduled for that day at the Intrepid Sea-Air-Space
Museum, and wanted to join the festivities. His sister planned to invite his
friends along to sing "Happy Birthday." "He's just the best guy that I've
ever known,"

Another tribute to Guy follows in a message to his parents.

May Guy’s life and love live on in you. We are deeply sorry for your loss.
Our hearts cry with you.

America cries
We see your sorrow -- and our hearts cry. . . .
We cannot ease your pain
but you do not have to face the anguish alone –
for we the American people are beside you.
We so desperately want to have the touch that brings you comfort,
the strength that gives you courage,
and the words to lighten your spirits.
And when we are left speecless
may the silence of our nation weave love into your hearts
to ease your sorrow.
May you find healing through our nation’s strength as we
the American people – face this difficult time together.
Our hearts areith you.

I thought that was lovely, but would like to add Australia’s
sympathy as well. It was really a world tragedy, which will
always remain within our memory. And the world will never
be the same again.

And to finish my tribute to Guy with sympathy to his parents,
sister Lori and his many friends and relatives, I would also
like to offer the many other victim’s families the same
heartfelt thoughts and sympathy and love.

Rest in Peace.


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Peter said...

Good post Merle, pleased to see you got there.

Merle said...

Hello All ~~ I also posted this on Herons Nest but they do not set things out nicely there, so will stay with Third Try for the time being.
I was very disappointed that the photo of Guy did not transfer on either blog. Regards to all, Merle.

Jeanette said...

HI Merle
Great post and tribute to
Guy Barzvi 9/11
Take Care, Janxxx

Joy DJ said...

That was a beautiful tribute to Guy. This 2996 campaign is a wonderful gesture Merle. The American people have gone on with their lives in the last five years; but this time every year is a difficult time...with reminders of just how much we lost. Our flags are waving, our tears are shedding, and our hearts are breaking for all those who suffered...and continue to suffer from these crushing losses. And the fact is, we're ALL still afraid it could happen again. Thank you again for your lovely tribute Merle.

Sue said...

This was a lovely tribute to another of the 2996 souls so needlessly lost in that tragedy of five years ago.
The whole world was forever changed after that day...
Thanks for sharing this.

Flag Gazer said...

This is a beautiful tribute to Guy!
Thank you for sharing his memory with all of us.
This weekend, I am trying to read as many of them as I can.
My tribute is also up.

Granny said...

Cantor Fitzgerald lost their entire office staff I think. I'll never forget the company president, who had taken his child to the first day of school that day.

He could do nothing but watch helplessly.

Marsh & McLennan, who bought the company I worked for shortly after I retired, lost 300+ people.

It's still unbelievable.

Janice said...

Hi Merle,

This was a lovely 9-ll tribute.

I hove posted my own 9-11 tribute on my blog Lady Jan's home with a poem, and I invite everyone reading this to come over to my blog, and view my poem and post their own 9-11 thoughts.

Thank you, Janice~

Michelle said...

Merle what a beautiful tribute. Loved the poem it was very moving :o)

audrey` said...

Hi Merle
This is a very meaningful tribute.
Thank you.

Robyn said...

Hi Merle

If I can get this comment posted, it will be a miracle.

Your 9/11 tribute was lovely and very moving. Guy sounds like he was a lovely young man. What a waste.

Five years ago now, what an unbelievably awful day that was.

Take care, my friend.

Love, Robyn

Robyn said...

PS: Yippee! It worked, thanks to your tips on how to.

kenju said...

Merle, I am touched by your tribute and also that you agreed to participate in this. We in the U.S. appreciate more than you will ever know, the support shown to us after and since 9/11. Thank you.

MrsGreenThumb said...

Dear Merle,
You have written a wonderful tribute to an outstanding young man. You can see he loved life and was loved by many. It is hard to contemplate all the world lost that horrible day.

Visit my site to read about Catherine A. Nardella who died at the WTC on 9/11.

Motherkitty said...

Merle, thank you for participating in this wonderful project to honor those beautiful people who died on 9/11. Your tribute was so touching and I'm sure his family will miss him all the days of their lives.

Please invite your readers to view my special tribute to Cynthia Motus Wilson who died when WTC Tower 1 fell.

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