Monday, September 11, 2006

Helping to stay in contact.

The link to my new blog, which I intend to use is

Some clarification of how to comment both to and from BetaBlogger and
the old Blogger;

If both sites are on Beta Blogger just fill in the WV and publish comment.

From non-Beta to Beta sites; use "other" enter your "Name" (that is usually
used when you comment) and then fill in your site URL below that, this
allows me to get back to your site by clicking the link.
(BTW for sites that have switched to Beta you need to allow "anyone" to
comment in your Settings - Comments section.)

To enable Beta Bloggers to comment on your site if you have not changed
yet the options of "other" and "anonymous" need to be available, if they
are not available on your comment section you need to go to your "settings"
"comments"and tick "anyone" where it asks who can comment on this blog,
if you choose not to do this Beta Bloggers will not be able to comment on
your site, as there is an ever increasing number of Beta users this will
isolate you from an ever increasing number of commenters.

The other thing that helps us find one another when things go wrong is to
list an email address either on your profile or on the sidebar.

That's the state of play at the moment, with all the changes that are going
on who knows what it will be tomorrow.


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Flag Gazer said...

I found your blog months ago through the 2996 listings and really enjoy it. I'm sorry you are having trouble with beta blogger - I changed too, and have wanted to...well, you know, fill in the blank. I did find out that if you empty your history file, then you can start loading pictures again. You seem to only have to do this once.

You bring a great deal of joy into my heart with your blog - thank you!

Sue said...

I think having a google account also must have something to do with it.
I have a google account but my blog isn't beta. I can comment without problems. (I don't have to use "other") Does this make sense?

mreddie said...

Thanks for the info - I had tried to comment several times without success - maybe it will go now. ec

JunieRose2005 said...

it's all so very confusing!!


Donnak said...

Great post and good advice for those who don't know yet. I hope you had a great weekend. :)

audrey` said...

Hi Merle
Thank you so much for teaching us =)

Connie and Rob said...

Well I am getting the scoop little by little. Thanks for sharing.


kenju said...

Like Sue, I now don't have to click other (which was a pain) on some blogs, but on others, I do. Go figure!!