Wednesday, November 01, 2006

One Step Only.

Post 55 - - - - Wednesday, 1 November 2006.

Hello Everyone ~ I hope you all survived Halloween and had a

great time. Now I guess there will be a big clean-up and the

decorations put away till next year. Things here are much the same, nice days, although they suggest we may get showers tomorrow. I do hope so. I have been invited to go to a school fete tomorrow afternoon with a friend. We went last year and I bought a few bits and pieces. Nice to get out of the house.

I have two verses tonight as they are not too long, the first is

One Step Only, and the second one is The Blest. Enjoy.

One step and then another,

And the longest walk is ended;

One stitch and then another,

And the longest rent is mended;

One brick upon another

And the highest wall is made;

One flake upon another,

And the deepest snow is laid.

Then do not look disheartened,

On the work you have to do,

And say that such a mighty task,

You never can get through;

But just endeavour, day by day,

Another point to gain,

And soon the mountain which you feared

Will prove to be a plain.

The Blest.

These are the blest

Who find delight in every living thing,

On petal see, on leaf and flashing wing

Their Maker’s seal impressed;

Who love these things and then

Love more their fellow-men

These are the Blest.


Now some jokes - - - -

A woman walked into the kitchen to find her husband stalking around with a fly swatter. “What are you doing?” she asked.

“Hunting flies,” he replied. “Oh, Killing any?” she asked.

“Yep, three males and two females,” he said.

Intrigued, she asked: “How can you tell?”

“Three were on a beer can, and two were on the phone,” he said

Is that what heaven is really like.

There were two lovers, who were really into spiritualism and reincarnation. They vowed if either died, the other would try to make contact 30 days after their death. Unfortunately, a few weeks later, the young man died in a car wreck. True to her word, his sweetheart tried to contact him in the spirit world exactly 30 days later. At the séance, she called out,

“John, John, this is Martha. Do you hear me?” A ghostly voice

answered her, “Yes Martha, this is John, I can hear you.”

“Oh John, what is it like where you are?” “It’s beautiful. There

are azure skies, a soft breeze, sunshine most of the time.”

“What do you do all day?” asked Martha. “Well, Martha, we get up before sunrise, eat some good breakfast, and there’s nothing but make love until noon. After lunch, we nap until two and then make love again until about five. After dinner, we go at it again, until we fall asleep about 11 pm.”

Martha was somewhat taken aback. “Is that what heaven really is like?” “Heaven? I’m not in heaven, Martha.”

“Well, then, where are you?”

“I’m a rabbit in Arizona.”

Blondes finish Jigsaw Puzzle.

A group of blondes walk into a bar. One of the women tells the

bartender to line up a row of drinks for all of them. The gals

lift their glasses and toast, “Here’s to 51 days,” and they

proceed to down their drinks. Once again they tell the

bartender to “line ‘em up<” and once again they toast 51 days.

The bartender says, “I don’t get it. Why in the world are you

toasting 51 days”

One of the blondes explains, “We just finished a jigsaw puzzle.

It had written on the box ‘2-4 years’ but we finished it in 51


The sin of Lying.

A minister told his congregation, “Next week I plan to preach

about the sin of lying. To help you understand my sermon, I

want you all to read Mark 17.”

The following Sunday, as he prepared to deliver his sermon, the

minister asked for a show of hands. He wanted to know how

many had read Mark 17. Every hand went up. The minister

smiled and said, “Mark has only sixteen chapters. I will now

proceed with my sermon on the sin of lying.”

The Gate is Broken.

St. Peter was checking the gate between Heaven and Hell and

found a broken hinge. He walked over to the “Pit” and called to

the Devil - - - The Devil says, “ Yeah, whaddya want?”

St. Peter, “The hinge is broken and it’s your turn to fix it “

The Devil retorted: “Gee, I am a bit busy and don’t have anyone

available for this.”

St. Peter got angry, “Look we have an agreement, and it’s your

turn to fix the gate.” The Devil responded, “Sorry Pete, it’s

our peak season and there just isn’t anyone available.”

St. Peter turned red and exclaimed “ OK, if that’s the way you

want it, we’ll sue..”

A big grin broke out on the Devil’s face, “Oh yeah, and just

where are you going to find a lawyer ?”

And a few quotes - - - -

If you put a small value upon yourself you can be sure that the

world will not raise your price. - - - Anon.

I have to live with myself, and so

I want to be fit for myself to know

I want to be able as days go by

Always to look myself straight in the eye. - - - Edgar A. Guest.

Loneliness is the poverty of self,

Solitude is the richness of self. - - - May Sarton.

The deeper the sorrow that carves into your being,

the more joy you can contain.

Joy and sorrow are inseparable. - - - Kahlil Gibran.

Bye for now folks Take care of each other. Merle.

Wednesday, 1st November, 2006. - - - Post 55.


Gwen said...

Hi Merle..Hope you are keeping well
Enjoyed your jokes,Got a real giggle over the "BLONDE ONE"

JunieRose2005 said...

Hi Merle,

Funny stuff, as always!

And I really liked 'The Blest.'


Karen said...

I loved the "Blest;" what I'm trying to evolve/be.

Great choices of quotes too, very inspiring.

I'm glad the weather is nice so you can get out. It's turning very cold here, it was 25F last night, much too chilly for me. I'd rather have snow at 32F. I'm enjoying the fall colors though so I can't complain too much.

Take care of your dear self! Love & hugs!

LZ Blogger said...

Merle ~ What... no lawyers in Heaven? Sounds like the NEXT BIG class action suit to me! ~ jb///

PEA said...

Hugs Merle!! I'm finally having some free time to catch up on blogs today...I spent the day taking down all my Halloween decorations and putting it all away...remind me next year not to decorate so much!! lol So much work for one night but well worth it:-) Loved everything in your post again today...especially the Gate is Broken!! Take care dear Merle xox

Sue said...

Hi Merle,
We're supposed to get rain tomorrow too!
Great post today. Loved the jokes, esp. The Gate is Broken!!

LittleJen said...

Hi Merle, Great Jokes... loved the flys on beer/phone.. how cheeky.

Pamela said...

Merle, Glad you are going to enjoy and outing at the School Fete tomorrow.

Love the "Sin of Lying", the one about what Heaven is really about, and St. Peter not being able to find a good lawyer! lol Have a nice day!

mreddie said...

Yes it is hard to stay inside on a beautiful day. Enjoyed "The Blest", especially the thought of finding delight in every living thing. ec

DellaB said...

I used to love school fetes; no links to schools at the moment though. This will change I guess when my son and family move up here from Sydney (NEXT YEAR - WOOHOO!) and the little one starts school.

'One Step Only' ... very good. I also like the piece of advice that goes: 'just do what comes next' - that works for me.....

thanks again

Puss-in-Boots said...

Hi Merle, been catching on your posts, poems, stories and quotes. Ah,Kahlil Gibran again, thank you!

I'm glad you like the emails I sent you. I was a bit worried I may have overwhelmed you. A friend of mine empties her mailbox about every three months, consequently I end up with dozens of jokes and such that she sends to me. Not a lot are worth passing on however, but she does send some really lovely ones through at times.

Hope this finds you well.

Love and hugs, my friend.

Robyn xoxo

Anonymous said...

Hi Merle. I found your blog a while ago and haven't had the chance to comment yet. I love your posts. It has a good mixture.

somershade said...

Another great post to start out the month with.
One step only is a perfect writting for my post on building my home.It encouraged me, the jokes.
I believe you to be a very special lady. That's a quote from me.:)lots of kisses your way.

Margaret said...

Dear Merle great post as always with lots of goo reading and some very funny jokes. Love Margaret

Jeanette said...

Dear Merle
used to love going to school fetes with the kids
good jokes the Blonde jigsaw got my vote
Take care,Janxxx

audrey` said...

Hi Merle
Yes. I agree with you =)
One step at a time as we walk with our Lord together.
God bless you, Merle.