Saturday, July 21, 2007

A Sweet Little Poem.

Post 264 - - - - - Saturday, 21st July, 2007.

Hello my friends ~~ I hope you are all keeping well and that life is treating
you OK. Things here are the same, a decent day, and more laundry done.
All up to date for the time being. Unfortunately that doesn't last long !!

Will start with a few photos again tonight. See Peter I do change the
posts occasionally !! More of that later.

This is a picture of my front porch - not a great one, but it's OK.

This is one of the items I bought when Bec took me to the Craft Market.
It is a hanger for necklaces, and I have quite a lot of those.

This is my grand-daughter Bec - - in my cluttered house.

Bec again with the Hire car that she drove to and from the Airport.

Last but not least, I only took 2 pictures of John and Bec together and in the other
one, Bec had her eyes closed. So this one has to do. Both were very tired. Well they
would go to see Harry Potter the night before !!

Bec, loke thousands of others was going to get the new Harry Potter book today
and she has a few days to read it before she starts work again- on Tuesday I think.

Now that brother of mine has chosen to bless me with the Schmooze award. I guess
this is an honor, but not terribly sure of that. This is what it means - - -

FORMS : schmoozed or schmoosed also shmoozed, schmooz-ing or schmoos-ing,
shmooz-ing, schmooz-es or schmoos-es shmooz-es.

Slang - To Converse casually, especially in order to make a social connection.
A perfect definition of blogging !!

See, I knew that . . . .looks down at shoes.

So now I have to pick 5 bloggers to pass on the award to - - - -

My choices are - - Lee who always has such great stories to share with us.

- - Pea from Canada who is so popular and has a wonderful blog.

- -
Jeanette my friend from Yarrawonga who has a great blog.

- - Meow aka Connie from Victoria also and has wonderful photos
and is so talented. Great blog.

- - Nick from the U.S. who has a very interesting blog, with jokes
on Mondays and general interest stories. Good read.

If any of you do not wish to pass it on, just ignore this. The world will not end !!

Sweet is
the sunbreak
After the rain.

Welcome is
The breeze
That follows the heat.

Warm is
The fire
Against the snow.

Yet none
So precious
as your smile
That says

Welcome Home , , , ,

After we've
Been apart. Leonard Nimoy,

A man on holiday in the U. S. was amazed at the way his host, a huge Texan
had everything so much larger than back home in England.

The car was as long as 3 English cars, the bedrooms were big enough to play
a tennis match in, and the kitchen big enough to feed an army.

The Englishman was very impressed with all this Texan greatness, but after
a week, he started to drink more than he normally did.

One night, after getting particularly drunk, he fell in his host's swimming
pool. When the servants rushed to rescue him, they found him screaming,
"Don't flush it ! Don't flush it !"

Claude : "Philip! Stop cheating at cards."

Philip : How do you know I'm cheating ?"

Claude : Because you're not playing the hand I dealt you."

Simon : "I took my wife to the theatre last night---but we only saw
first Act and then had to leave."
Sally : "Why was that ?"

Simon : "Well on the programme it said, 'Act Two: two Days Later'
-- and we couldn't stay in the theatre that long !!"

Ronald : "All my wife says to me is 'Money, money'' She's always asking
for money."

Richard : "Why does she need so much? What does she spend it on ?"

Ronald : I've no idea. I never give her any."

Four women were sitting talking and discussing their faults. Said one,
"I must admit I'm fond of a gamble and I bet quite a bit. Once i lost
the whole week's housekeeping money.:

"Well," said another, "I don't gamble, but I do like a drink and I'm afraid
that when my husband is away, and I am alone, I get quite tiddly."

"My great trouble," said the third woman, "is that I can't help flirting.
I just like to have a slight affair every now and then. Once, however, it
nearly landed me in serious trouble."

They all turned to the fourth woman and asked, "Have you any faults?"
"Yes," she replied, "My only real fault is that I am a great gossip."

Well, I must do the meme that Robyn set me-- to name a few
songs that meant something special in my life.

1. When I was about 15 I had a few piano lessons and learnt
to play Irving Berlin's Always.

2. When I was first married, we heard the song -so often --
Smoke Gets in Your Eyes.

3. My second husband used to sing to me - You Are My

4. One of my real favourites is The Dance sung by Garth Brooks.

5. Another is Crazy in Love sung by Conway Twitty.

6. Memories sung by Elvis Presley.

7. My Way sung by Frank Sinatra.

8. When You Say Nothing at All sung by Keith Whitley.

9. Remember Me sung by Tim McGraw or Rodney Crowell.

These songs mean a lot to me for one reason or another.

Anyone who wishes may do this one.

Well, it is time to close for the night and unless I get to it
early tomorrow, I may have a day off, as my grandson
will be here. Take care, dear friends, and enjoy your lives,
Have some fun over the weekend. Love and Best Wishes to
you all. Till next time, Cheers, Merle.

Post 264 - - - - - Saturday, 21st July, 2007.


Walker said...

Good lord I have been sitting here laughing for the last five minutes trying to write a comment.

There is no such thing as a cluttered house, just a well managed one.

Nice poem by a man who knows how to live long and prosper.

Have a great weekend

PEA said...

Dearest Merle,

You sure know how to surprise a gal and make her tear all up:-) Thank you so much for passing on the "Schmooze" award to me...good thing you added what it means or I wouldn't have known to be proud or worried!! LOL Just teasing you!! xox

I've now read your last couple of posts I had missed...I so love seeing your photos!! How I'd love to be sitting on your front porch with's beautiful!!! As for your "cluttered" house, it's not cluttered, it's filled with items you love:-) I so enjoyed seeing the old photos also!!

I didn't realize that Leonard Nimoy was such a poet...such beautiful words!! Loved the jokes and quotes as usual:-) I was very intested in seeing which songs you chose for the meme...all favourites of mine too:-)

Take care dear Merle and thank you again for the fun award!! xoxox

Anonymous said...

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Gledwood said...

Hi Merle! Hope you're having a great weekend. I've not been by as my life has been chaos. You've a lovely front porch btw. We've got rain today (quite heavy; 4cm in an hour) ... how's it with you? You said it was quite cold for Melbourne. Don't shiver too much, it makes you loose weight, did you know that?? (The expenditure of energy, I suppose ...)

OK take care!

All the best


Granny said...

Congratulations on the Award!!

Your living room looks much more homey than cluttered. I like it.

And most of the songs you like I like as well.

Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

Thanks, Merle, for honoring me with the Schmooze award. I'll have to sleep on who I shall also honor!

audrey` said...

Hi Merle
Your new necklace hanger is so lovely and practical.
Excellent buy =)

Vickie said...

Congratulations on your award---Cluttered well I like what Walker said about it---actually I think I will remember it for describing my mom's house.

Lee said...

Good list of songs, Merle. I like "The Dance", too and am a huge fan of Rodney Crowell as well. I'm waiting on a couple of CDs of his to arrive from Amazon at the moment, actually.