Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Good Luck Joh.

Post 280 - - - - - Wednesday, 8th August, 2007.

Hello Everyone ~~ How are you all tonight/ today ? Doing well
I hope and enjoying your lives. All OK here, although I have been
cooking today - and so this will be a short post.

I made a Meatloaf from my friend Lee 's recipe, and it turned out
very nice and tasty. Thanks for the recipe Lee. Also made heaps
of vegetables and some chicken soup, out of chicken giblets.
My Mum used to make it for me and it was so good. Mine is OK.

Yesterday, my 18 year old grandson, Joh went into the Army, and
before he left for New South Wales, the family had some photos
taken and they turned out nice also - so to share with you - - -

Dad, Arien, Mum, Kathy, Joh, Nick, Kristen and Kate at back, Jorja in front.

Joh with his parents, Kathy and Arien/

My daughter Kathy and her son Joh.

Kate, Kristen Arien and Nick on left Kate, Joh and Jorja on right.

They were taken at the Restaurant where the girls work some days. Kate
started there, and Kathy helps out when they have a bus load of tourists
as this is close to the Twelve Apostles and the Great Ocean Road. Kristen
has started there too, on Friday nights etc. Joh also worked there doing
some of the heavier jobs. Real family affair, and the owners are so nice.

I will just put a few jokes on tonight, as I have an early appointment in
the morning and must get to bed at a decent hour. If I don't get round
to answering your comments tonight, I will get there tomorrow.

When I lived in lodgings, my landlady kept some animals in the
yard at the back of the house.

The first day I was there, one of the chickens died, so we had
chicken soup.
The next day the pig died, so I was offered Pork chops.

The following day the duck died, so we had roast duck with apple
The next day my landlady's husband died - - - so I left.

Dennis knew he was getting somewhere with his girlfriend, Carol, when
she invited him around to her parent's house, saying, " We can have a
great time together, because my parents are going out to a concert and
will be out the whole evening.

Thus, on the great day, he stopped in at the chemist's shop on his way to
his girlfriend's house. The chemist was such a friendly man that Dennis
found himself confiding to him how beautiful Carol was and how he hoped
she would appreciate his thoughtfulness in coming prepared with some

When Dennis arrived at Carol's house he found her waiting for her father
to come home, while her mother got ready for the concert. As soon as
Carol's father arrived home, Dennis suddenly became very agitated and
kept stammering, and suggested loudly, " C. ..Carol, I . . .I. . . think we
should join your parents and go to the concert tonight."

"Oh," said Carol, disappointedly, "I didn't know you like classical music,

"I don't," he hissed, "But then, I didn't know your father was a chemist !!"

A small boy came home from school after his first day at a new school and
said to his mother : "The teacher asked if I had any brothers and sisters
who might be coming to school."

"That's nice of her to take such an interest in us. Did you tell her you were
an only child?" replied the mother.

"Yes," said the boy, "And all she said was 'Thank goodness" "

A little girl had just started to go to school, and of course her mother
was interested and wanted to know all about it.

"Does your teacher call out your names in the morning?" she asked.
The little girl shook her head.
"Then how does she know if all the boys and girls are there," asked
her mother.

"Well, " said her little daughter, "the first thing we do when we go in
to the classroom is to say 'The Lord's Prayer" Then at the end of it,
we all say - 'I'm in.' "

The compulsive gambler at the roulette table was having a very
bad run of luck when suddenly he heard a soft ghostly voice in
his ear, "Number Seven."

The gambler looked furtively behind him, but there was no one
there, so he had nothing to lose by following the advice of the
mysterious whisperer.

The number came up - number seven had won the gambler a
small sum of money -- but not enough to cover his earlier losses,
so the gambler continued at the table. Again, the ghostly voice
whispered: 'Number Seven' and the gambler followed the advice
and won yet again.

This went on for some considerable time. Just before the gambler
placed each bet the ghostly voice would whisper, 'Number Seven',
and the number seven always came up.

After this had happened nine times in succession, the gambler
had collected quite a number of interested spectators - - as well
as winning well over five thousand pounds.

Then the ghostly voice whispered: "Put everything on Number
Five." The gambler was surprised at the change of directions, but
he decided to continue to follow the advice given by the strange
ghostly voice.

The roulette wheel spun round, the gambler held his breath, the
crowd around the table watched with astonishment - - and the
ball landed on Number Seven. And the ghostly voice in the
gambler's ear said : "Damn !!"

Gerald : "I understand the sports and social club is looking
for a treasurer."
Edward : "That's right."
Gerald : But I thought the sports and social club only hired
a treasurer a few months ago."
Edward : "They did. That's the treasurer they are looking for."

A few quotes - - - -

He has achieved success who has lived well, laughed often,
and loved much. - - - Bessie Anderson Stanley.

They who forgive most shall be most forgiven. - - William Blake.

Unshared joy is an unlighted candle. - - Spanish proverb.

My little old dog : A heart-beat at my feet. - - -Edith Wharton.

Remember the tea kettle : when it's up to it's neck in hot water :
it sings. - - - Early American Folk Wisdom.

That's it for tonight folks. Take care of yourselves and each
other and enjoy our lives. Love and best wishes to you all.
Cheerio until next time. Merle.

Post 280 - - - - - Wednesday, 8th August, 2007.


T*mmy said...

Hey Miz Merle...enjoyed today's post with've really gotten the knack of it and I'm glad...they are a pleasure to see!
Enjoyed the only child joke and will try to remember to sing today as hot water seems to be all!

Lady Di Tn said...

Read both post today. Loved the pics of your Mother and you. What did you mean by droving?

All your pictures are grand and again what a handsome family.

Did he volunteer for the army?

I need to try Lee's meatloaf except our guys do not like them. Why I do not know.

Prince got home early tonight so I need to go enjoy his presents.

love and prayers

PEA said...

Hello dear Merle:-)

You are so smart to cook a lot of your meals ahead of time!! My mom makes really good soup, I make it but it just never tastes as good as hers! Your daughter Kathy's family is just beautiful...all the very best to Joh on his choice of career. I can imagine, though, how worried you will all be with him in the army!!

Enjoyed the jokes and quotes...can you imagine coming face to face with your girlfriend's father who turns out to be the chemist you bought condoms from? LOL

Take care of YOU my friend!! xoxo

mreddie said...

When I read about your cooking it makes me hungry - whether I've eaten or not. :) It was a long time ago but I can relate to what Joh is going to be going through, especially at first with the initial training - hope it goes well with him. I'm still enjoying the photos. ec

JunieRose2005 said...

Dear Merle,

Best of luck to your grandson...may be always be safe!

Thanks for the funnies- I always enjoy the jokes you share with all!

Also I enjoy all your photos!

Take care,



Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

Thank you for sharing, Merle.

My blessings and prayers to Joh.

Vickie said...

Ms. Merle I have missed visiting here and leaving with my smile---your place is one I miss most wehn I am away for some time.

Wishing your grandson the best--may he always be kept safe.

Thinks for the smile I am leaving with.

Take care and enjoy life.

audrey` said...

Dearest Merle
Praying for Joh in the army...

Mummy's cooking is always delicious =)
Take care <3

Puss-in-Boots said...

Aaaah, your wonderful grandson is going to be one of Australia's brave defenders...well done, Joh. It's lovely to see photos and hear of your family, Merle. You're doing a great job with the photos, too.

I plan to make Lee's meatloaf this weekend, too. Hope I don't make a mess of it.

Hugs xoxo

Anonymous said...

Hi Grandma,
Glad your enjoying the photo's,
Can you please send me a copy of the meatloaf recapie, it sounds yummy. Heard from joh via Mum today and he is doing well although he says the days are very early starts and they finnish latisk in the evening so i can imagine he will be getting a bit tired, He will do well though i beleive.
Love Always Kate xoxoxo

Jeanette said...

Dear Merle Lovely photo's I love the old pics of the family, nice photo also of Kath and family.I wish Joh all the best in his chosen Army career. good jokes laughed out loud at the Chemist then the school boy"Thank Goodness"..take care keep smiling. love Jan.