Thursday, August 09, 2007

Green Grass of Home.

Post 281 - - - - - - Thursday, 9th August, 2007.

Hi Everyone ~~ I hope you have had a really good day, and all is
well with you and your loved ones. I have had one very busy day
(for me) which started with a doctor's appointment, where I had
a pimple or sore on my nose frozen, so hope that fixes it as it has
been there for a few months. Also had a swelling on my wrist,
which my doctor said was a ganglion, and showed me that he also
had one on his wrist and said not to worry about it, but watch it.

Then I had a gas maintenance plumber come to check out my
very necessary heater, which he did, then fixed the ignition
switch on my very necessary cooker oven. Then he even checked
out my hot water system, without even being asked, so all those
appliances and me with me repaired nose may all survive a bit

Then I got the mail in and amongst it was the MP3 disc from
Meow-aka-Connie, with the Blogger's favourite songs. It is
wonderful. Thank you so much Connie. I love it.

Another caller from the Shepparton Council, on his 6 monthly
visit to see that I was coping OK and didn't need further help,
so he and I had a nice chat.
He, Jason even posted some mail for me.
John called after work to see I was OK with all the bits and pieces of the
day. Now I possibly won't see anyone for days. On the whole, it has been
a very productive day.

Now for a few photos - - -

This is a photo of a family reunion of sorts. The only Aunt who moved from
Victoria to Sydney, N.S.W. visited and the photo is a result. My Grandma, Aya
and 4 of her daughters, Pearl, Annie, Evelyn(my Mum) and Ada in front. with
Peter with Owen, Phyll, cousin, Owen's mother, cousin Val from Sydney. Ada
from Sydney, Merle, Pat ( my first husband) a few years before we married.
Also my Uncle Sam, Pearl's husband and my Dad, Merv next to Mum.

Dad, Merle (when I smoked) and my second husband Harold. About 1984.
Harold died in 1986. I gave up smoking in 1996.

Dad and his younger brother Fred with a couple of kangaroos. Dad told me a
great story about him and Fred, his younger brother. Apparently they wagged
school one day, but were seen by a neighbour who told my grandma, who was
then waiting for them after school. So she belted Dad, but Uncle Fred dived
under a bed and Grandma couldn't reach him for his beating. BUT Dad said,
"I'll get him for you Mum." Which he did, so then Fred got his. Dad told me
this story several times, and also said that Uncle Fred never really forgave him.

The first item was sent by my dear friend Sherrill and had a picture which
I couldn't get through It was a very small patch of green grass and an Aussie
soldier in Iraq and it's a lovely story. Hope you enjoy.

An Australian soldier stationed in Iraq, stationed in a big sand box. He asked
his wife to send him some dirt (Aussie soil), some fertilizer, and some grass
seed so that he could have the sweet aroma, and feel the grass beneath his feet.

When the men of his squadron have a mission that they are going on, they take
turns walking through the grass and Aussie soil, outside his tent - - to bring
them good luck.

He cuts the little patch of grass with a pair of scissors. Sometimes we are in
such a hurry that we don't stop and think about the little things that we take
for granted.
Please say a little prayer for ALL soldiers that give and give (and give up) so
unselfishly for us.

A few Deep Thoughts - - from the local paper.

On Higher Education - College is a fountain of knowledge . . . and
the students are there to drink.

On Revisionist History -What was sliced bread the greatest thing since?

On Economics - - The cost of living hasn't affected it's popularity.

On Poetic Love - -When you're swimming in the creek, and an eel bites
your cheek - -That's a Moray !! (a type of fish)

On World Politics - -Diplomacy is the art of saying "nice doggy" until
you can find a rock.

On Lamentation - -Of all the things I've lost, I miss my mind the most.

Some I Wish I had Said That s - - -

My wife has a slight impediment in her speech. Every now and
then she stops to breathe. - - Jimmy Durante.

I have never hated a man enough to give his diamonds back.
- - - -Zsa Zsa Gabor.

My luck is so bad that if I bought a cemetery, people would
stop dying. - - - Ed Furgol.

Until I was thirteen, I thought my name was "Shut up" -Joe Namath.

Youth would be an ideal state if it came a little later in life.
- - - Henry Herbert Asquith.

Money doesn't buy you happiness . . .but it can buy you a more
pleasant form of misery. - - Spike Milligan.

Only Irish Coffee provides in a single glass all four essential food
groups : alcohol, caffeine, sugar and fat. - -Alex Devine.

The little old lady was busy dusting with her feather duster in her
little old cottage deep in the countryside when there was a knock
on the door.

"Good morning, madam," said a suave young man when she opened
the door, and he pushed his way into the house, saying : "What a
lovely house, but I'm sure you'll be interested in what I can offer you."

"But . . . " started the old woman, before being interrupted by the
young man who had by now pulled a large bag of soot, dust and other
small items of rubbish from his pocket and was sprinkling them all
over the carpet.

"Don't worry," said the young man. "What I have in my car outside
will soon remove all this rubbish, dust and soot and I'll even demonstrate
by cleaning your other rooms too. So effective is my new machine that
it will even suck out ground-in dust and dirt like this." and he used
his heel to drive some soot into the carpet.

"But . . ." said the old lady again, but to no avail as the young man had
rapidly gone out of the front door and soon appeared with a vacuum
cleaner. "Now, where can I plug this in?" he asked.

"Probably the next village, about ten miles away," replied the old lady.
"The electricity supply hasn't reached here yet !!"

A woman threatened her husband with divorce if he continued to
chase after other women. The husband begged forgiveness and
solemnly swore not to pay any attention to women other than his
He managed to keep his promise for a few months, but then his
wife discovered him kissing a female midget.

"I'm terribly sorry," apologized the man to his wife, "But you must
admit that I'm tapering off a bit.

An old farmer was passing through the town one day when he
decided to pay a visit to the doctor.

"I should be most grateful," said the farmer, :if you would call in one
day and take a look at my wife."

"Certainly," replied the doctor. "Is your dear wife ill?"
"I don't really know," said the farmer. "But yesterday morning she
got out of bed at the usual time of and milked the cows and made
breakfast for me and the farm hands; then did the farm accounts; made
the dinner; churned the milk; fed the chickens; ploughed a few fields;
then made supper before repainting the living room - - but about
midnight she was complaining she was a bit tired. I think, Doctor, she
needs a bit of a tonic or something."

Office Manager : "Sir?"
Boss : "Yes. What is it?"
Office Manager : "Please sir, can I have a day off next week to do some
late Christmas shopping with my wife and our six kids?"
Boss : "Certainly not !!"
Office Manager : "I knew you'd be understanding, sir. Thanks for
getting me out of that terrible chore."

A few quotes - - -

Mistakes are valuable. They show us the correct path to take next

Give a little love to a child and you get a great deal back.
- - - John Rushkin.

Happy is the house that shelters a friend. - Ralph Waldo Emerson.

The happiest moments of my life have been the few which I have
passed at home in the bosom of my family. - Thomas Jefferson.

The real joys in life are those that cannot be calculated by any
known unit of measurement.

Bye for now my friends until next time. Stay well and happy and have
some fun. Weekend is coming up. Love and best wishes to you all.
Cheerio, Merle.

Post 281 - - - - - Thursday, 9th August, 2007.


Vickie said...

Merle--How do you find time to post and comment as you do when you are as busy as you are on some days---this post was one of them---a busy day and still you have shared so much here---no one can leave without feeling as if this post was for them--such variety---I need to take a few lessons from you.

Take care--enjoy life---

JunieRose2005 said...

Hi Merle,

Oh my! You had a busy day- but all seems to be well there for you! Good.

I enjoyed the post -all the jokes etc- especially liked that pic of your dad and uncle and the story that went along with it! :)

Take care,


Leann said...

sorry to hear you have had some not so nice things going on.but glad to hear all the things that needed fixing got fixed.
I am sure you will get some company soon.
I was watching the story about those jelly fish you have down there.the ones they say are so bad.
come to find out they are in some places in the USA to. they are sure pretty but nasty little buggers.
I liked your one story about the cheating hubby.but he would have been out the door the first woman I caught him with,and he would have been a midget in more ways then one, if you get my drift...

have a great weekend and hope the Lord send,s you some company to brighten your days...

Lady Di Tn said...

The green grass story was so uplifting. A little bit of home for all. I do not have anyone personally over there now, but they are someone's brother, nephew, uncle, son in law,grandson, son or Father. I pray all are safe.

Wow, what a busy little lady, you make me tired. I sure hope everything continues to work correctly and that the nose gets back to being as pretty as a rose.

Nice pics and I will try to scan some old ones to the computer. Thanks for the tip. That side of my brain has air bubbles so technical stuff get trapped in them.

Take care love and prayers

mreddie said...

I can so relate to having things frozen off the face - hope that takes care of it for you. I am on a 6 months visit schedule with my dermatologist and usually have a half dozen things frozen off. ec

Val said...

I've been playing my CD from Meow too, it's great!

Love the quote about the Irish Coffee, that is indeed a wonderful drink.

Glad to see people are checking up on you, Merle, just so you don't get up to any mischief!

Puss-in-Boots said...

Hi Merle, isn't the CD just wonderful!

I'm glad you had that lesion on your nose seen could have been a little sun spot of some sort. Ganglions are a pain, aren't they, I've got one too but on my finger joint. It doesn't worry me though.

Great photos of your family and I love the one about your father and his brother...typical boys, eh?

Have a great weekend listening to your CD, as I will.

Hugs xoxo

UKBob said...

Hey up Merle! How's things with you? I very near laughed my socks off at the thought of your dad dragging Fred out from under the bed, thats what you call brotherly love! Sounds like you need to put your feet up awhile after the busy day you had. Its always the same, you have a busy day with lots happening then you go ages with nothing. Take care Merle, Bob.

Jeanette said...

Dear Merle, OH you have had a very busy day, I hope your going to rest tomorrow,Pleased you had the Lesion removed before it could turn nasty.Well one thing you will feel safe getting all your appliances checked. Laughed out loud at your Dad Pulling fred from under the bed. Great Jokes and Quotes. Take care stay in front of the heater another cold weekend. Love Jan

audrey` said...

Dearest Merle

You're so blessed with so many lovely people in your lives =)