Tuesday, October 09, 2007

My Cup Has Overflowed.

Post 334 - - - - - Tuesday, 9th October, 2007.

Hi Everyone ~~ I hope all is well at your place, wherever you are.
All is well here, my Home Care lady came and cleaned the house
and I did some meals. I had cooked a seasoned chicken roll and
also some chicken schnitzels (Sp?) and plenty of vegetables. So
now I have a few days free of cooking.

The first item tonight was sent to me by my daughter, Julie and
also a friend, Lorraine. Thank you both girls !!

Do you know that a simple "Hello" can be a sweet one ?

The word H E L L O means :

H = How are you?

E = Everything all right ?

L = Like to hear from you.

L = Love to see you soon !

O = Obviously, You are my friend . . . .

So, HELLO !!

It has made me smile every time I say hello since then.

May today there be peace within you.

May you trust your God that you are exactly where you
are meant to be.

I believe that friends are quiet angels who lift us to our feet,
When our wings have trouble remembering how to fly.

I've never made a fortune,
And it's probably too late now.
But I don't worry about that much.
I'm happy anyhow.

And I go along life's way,
I'm reaping better than I sowed.
I'm drinking from my saucer,
'Cause my cup overflowed.

Haven't got a lot of riches,
And sometimes the going's rough
But I've got loving ones all around me,
And that makes me rich enough.

I thank God for His blessings,
And the mercies He's bestowed.
I'm drinking from my saucer
'Cause my cup has overflowed.

I remember times when things went wrong,
My faith wore somewhat thin.
But all at once the dark clouds broke,
And the sun peeped through again.

So Lord, help me not to gripe,
About the tough rows I have hoed.
I'm drinking from my saucer,
'Cause my cup has overflowed.

If God giives me strength and courage,
When the way grows steep and rough.
I;ll not ask for other blessings,
I'm already blessed enough.

And may I never be too busy,
To help others bear their loads.
Then I'll keep drinking from my saucer,
'Cause my cup has overflowed.

When I think of how so many people in this world have it
worse than I do, I realize just how blessed I am.

Love never gives up,
Never loses faith,
Is always hopeful,
And endures. Have a great day !!

Time for some jokes, folks - - - -

A group of blondes walk into a bar. One of them tells the
bartender to line up a row of drinks for all of them. They
lift their glasses, make a toast, "Here's to 51 days" and put
down their drinks.

Once again, they tell the bartender to line up another row
of drinks, and once again,
toast 51 days and down their drinks.

The bartender says, " I don't get it. Why in the world are you
toasting 51 days ?"

One of the blondes explains, "We just finished a jigsaw puzzle
that had 2 to 4 years written on the box, and we finished it in
51 days.

Medical Terminology a la Blonde !!

Anally - - - - - Occurring yearly.
Artery - - - - - - Study of paintings.
Bacteria - - - - - - Back door of cafeteria.
Barium - - - - - - What doctors do when treatment fails.
Bowel - - - - - - Letter like A. E. I. O. U.
Caesarian section - - - District in Rome.
Cat scan - - - - - - Searching for Kitty.
Cauterize - - - - Made eye contact with her.
Colic - - - - - Sheep dog.
Coma - - - - - - A punctuation mark.
Congenital - - - - Friendly.
Dilate - - - - - To live long.
Enema - - - - Not a friend.
Fester - - - - - Quicker.
Fibula - - - - -- A small lie.
Genital - - - - - - Non Jewish.
Grippe - - - - - Suitcase.
Hangnail - - - - Coat hook.
Impotent - - - - - Distinguished, well known.
Labor pain - - - - Got hurt at work.
Medical staff - - - Doctor's cane.
Morbid - - - - Higher offer.
Nitrate - - - - - Cheaper than day rate.
Node - - - - - Was aware of.
Outpatient - - - - - Person who has fainted.

There are a few more of these - - maybe tomorrow !!

An Australian dies and is sent to hell. He had been a horrible
man throughout his life and even the devil wanted to punish
him, so he puts him to work breaking up rocks with a sledge-
To make it worse, he cranks up the temperature and the
humidity. :Love my kingdom," laughs the devil.

After a couple of days the devil checks in on his victim to see
he is suffering adequately. The devil is aghast as he looks at
the Aussie happily swinging his hammer and whistling a happy
tune. The devil walks up to him and says, "I don't understand
this. I turned the heat way up, it's humid, you're crushing rocks
. . . why are you so happy ?"

The Aussie, smiling, looks at the devil and replies, "This is great !
It reminds me of January in Australia. Hot, humid, a good place
to work. It reminds me of home. This is fantastic !"

The devil extremely perplexed, walks away to ponder the Aussie's
remarks. Then he decides to drop the temperature, send down
driving rain and torrential wind. Soon hell is a wet muddy mess.
Walking in mud up to his knees with dust blowing in his eyes, the
Aussie is happily slogging through the mud pushing a wheel-
barrow full of crushed rocks.

Again, the devil asks how he can be so happy in such conditions.
The Aussie replies, " This is great. Just like September in Darwin.
It reminds me of working out in the fields with spring planting."

The devil is now completely baffled. Angry and desperate to make
hell really hell, he gives it one last ditch effort. He makes the
temperature plummet. Suddenly, hell is blanketed in snow and ice.
Confident that this will surely make the Australian unhappy, the
devil checks in on him.

He is aghast at what he sees. The Aussie is dancing, singing and
twirling his sledge- hammer as he cavorts in glee.

"How can you be so happy ? Don;t you know it's 40 below zero ?"

Jumping up and down, the Aussie throws a snowball at the devil
and yells, "Hell's frozen over !! This means that the Wallabies
won the World Cup !!"

A long married couple came upon a wishing well. The husband
leaned over, made a wish and
and threw down a penny.

The wife decided to make a wish too. But she leaned over too
much, fell into the well and drowned.

The husband was stunned for a moment but then smied,
"Hey it really works !!"

A husband read an article to his wife about how many words
women use a day - - 30,000 to a man's 15,000.

The wife replied "The reason has to be because we have to repeat
everything to men,"

The husband turned to his wife and asked, "What ?"

Few more strange questions - - -

Why is it when we laugh in school, the teachers say 'do you find
something funny ? When obviously we do.

Why do you have to :put your two cents in" but as it's only "a penny
for your thoughts>" Where's the extra penny going to ?

Since there is a rule that states "i" before "e" except after "c",
wouldn't "science" be spelled wrong ?

Why does a round pizza come in a square box ?

Why is it when we duck, they call us chicken ?

If marriage mean you fell in love, does divorce mean
you climbed out ?

Well that is it for tonight, my friends. Take care of yourselves
and each other, and have a great week . Love and Best Wishes
to you all. Cheers, Merle.

Post 334 - - - - - Tuesday, 9th October, 2007.


Gledwood said...

hell joke = v good!

Ava said...

Hi there! I really got a kick out of your post today! Thank you!!!!

Hope that all is well!

Jim said...

Thanks, Merle, for the new blonde joke on an old theme. I have some puzzles I can never work and I'm note even blonde.

How many words women use a day compared to a man? 30,000 to a man's 15,000 is too nice to the poor men.

Yahoo answers says 2 to 1, but the Boston Globe has found a 'real study' which show a terrible plight for the poor man (20,000 to 7,000):

"... most recent to join the chorus is Dr. Louann Brizendine, clinical professor of psychiatry at the University of California, San Francisco. In her current best-seller, ``The Female Brain" (Morgan Road), Brizendine tells us that ``A woman uses about 20,000 words per day while a man uses about 7,000."

You can go look at the article, paste this, the above was about halfway down:

Have a nice day,

SMA said...

Hello Merle! I'm glad you are well and in a mood of jokes as I know you. Here autumn is coming so, today I worked in the garden , as I had to plant the tulips bulbs. I'm a little tired now but happy thinking of my colored garden next spring. Good night and have a wonderful day tomorrow. Hugs, Sma

daffy said...

H.E.L.L.O Merle! :o)
Glad your home care lady has been and cleaned through. I love it when my house is freshly spruced up. Oh and the meal preparation is a great idea.
The jokes, as ever are very welcome, I do like those blonde jokes!
If you get a chance, have a look over at my place. I have some lovely photos of one or two outings my daughter and I had and I think you might like them.
Take care Merle. xxx

Lady Di Tn said...

Some times my cup not only runs over but splashs on the floor. If we all just looked at all the wonderful things around us we could say our cups run over.
almost had an wetting accident when I read the puzzle joke.

Glad you had a good start on the week
Finished the Church today and when I left the Art Center I told the group I planned on a revival.
love and prayers

Lucy Stern said...

I love this one Merle - I believe that friends are quiet angels who lift us to our feet,
When our wings have trouble remembering how to fly.

I have three friends that do this for me and I am there for them....What would we do without friends?

audrey` said...

Dearest Merle


You remember the Big Day.
We're so touched =)

In His Hands...


Renie Burghardt said...

Dear Merle,

HELLO! Love the meaning of it, now that I know about it.

I am printing a copy of My Cup Has Overflowed, and taping it where I can read it often. Thank you for it, Merle.

Medical Terminology a la Blonde, is hilarious. The Aussie in hell is hilarious! Well, as I often say, a visit here always gives me a cheer.

Have a great day!

Warmest regards,


Meow (aka Connie) said...

Dear Merle ... HELLO !!

Mmmmm, Chicken Schnitzel, my favorite !! Bet you will enjoy those.

Hope all is well with you, and you are enjoying the glorious spring weather.

Hugs and love from me to you.

Connie xxx