Friday, August 08, 2008

Blogger Problems.

Update for Post 492 ~~ Friday, 8th August, 2008.

Hello Everyone ~~ I don;t know if you will be able to
read this. I haven't been able to open my own blog for
two days, and neither can anyone else I believe. Very
frustrating and I am so sorry that I have been unable
to read your posts or to reply.

I had my results today from my x rays, and the news
there is good. No change in my kidney stones, and I
don't have to go back unless I have symptoms. So
something went right today.

I will close and see if this will publish. My brother
told me that the post I put on last night, was showing.
When it said View Blog, it didn't!!

Take care, my friends, and hopefully this problem
will soon be fixed. So until that happens, I wish you all
well. Love and Best Wishes, Cheers, Merle.


Puss-in-Boots said...

Hi Merle, I've had no problems reading your posts...well not that I know of, anyway!

Hope it sorts itself out for you soon.


Gramma Ann said...

I just now was able to get to your post. I think it affected more people then you. But isn't it a nuisance when something doesn't work.

Now I will go read the rest of your blog, and see what I missed...

JunieRose2005 said...


I was away for a few days and am just now catching up with my blog reading.

There's no problem that I see here. I got right on and can read what you have here.

It's a pain when things go wrong with the blogging!!!!


Old Lady Lincoln said...

Glad all your test came out OK. Abe's had a kidney stone in his one kidney for about five years now. It hasn't moved. Hope it stays there. I've only had one kidney stone attack in my life, plenty of gall stone attacks until it was removed. Been gone all day at my Mother's, then when I got home visited with Abe a few minutes and then went out and mowed. Now my allergies are really flaring up. Rag weed is blooming. More later.

Jim said...

Yeah, Merle, I had that problem too. Blogger appologized. It affected either Explorer 6 or Windows XP. I found out my new computer would view blogs.
But I could view some blogs. Now I will head to Margaret's!
Please note that not all blond males act like your guy, just blonde cowboys.
BTW, how do you tell the difference between a cowboy and an engineer?

linda may said...

G'Day Merle,
Great stories and jokes as usual Merle.I always enjoy reading your blog.
Yes I found your problem the other day on my puter too. I have had trouble with my puter and my son had to reload everything during the week, resulting in some things not back where they were before. I am technologically challenged. So as yet I haven't taken the award you gave me, but I will when I can get some help. Thank you so much for thinking of me, I appreciate it.

Peter said...

Looks like everything is back to normal Merle, hope it stays that way.

Joy Des Jardins said...

Hi Merle,

Yes, I've been having a problem getting to your site. I haven't been able to even connect to your blog for a couple of days. This is the first day I've been able to read your posts...Yea!

I'm very glad to hear that your x-rays are good and your kidney stones are fine. Looks like we have similar stories in the kidney stone area. Tricky little devils....Have a wonderful weekend my dear friend....Much love always, ~Joy

Bear Naked said...

Hello Merle
I was having difficulty viewing your blog also for a few days.
Everything looks fine today though.
Glad to see your heath issues are fine.
Keep on blogging.
I love to read your stories and jokes.

Bear((( )))

deborah wilson said...

Dear Merle,

I took a long little break, I wasn't aware that folks were having trouble viewing your blog until this morning. But I saw a notice on my dashboard (blogger) where there was a bug in the software and that some blogs were being shut out because blogger thought they were spam. This problem seems to be fixed now.

In any case, I'm getting through just fine.

I hope that your kidney stone remains in check and doesn't cause you any more trouble. I've heard that they are really painful.

Take care and have a good weekend - I'll be catching up on your blog.


Anonymous said...

here's what nicely said Deborah Wilson say to me, and I want to you all the best Steven

Renie Burghardt said...

Dear Merle,

The Brick was just beautiful! And following the Brick were some of the funniest jokes and sayings I have read in some time. The blonde men joke was hilarious!

I am just glad I can read both of these posts finally. Am happy to hear your x-ray result was good, and thank goodness you're back, dear Merle! You had your friends worried. I know Audrey was! Have a wonderful Sunday.



Terry said...

Dear Merle...Ever since you left that nice comment on my blog, I have been trying to get to you.
Now it was OK after a couple of times trying but I got to worrying about you after that!
Didn't see you over at Jim's, at Audrey's or no where!!!
It is three in the morning and here I have finally spotted you creating a new blog!
So glad to know that you are all right!
You might remember me from Jims'.
You see about a little over a year ago Adi became my newest little niece! She is my most favourite doggie in the whole wide world and I do hope that her nose isn't out of joint by the newest member in Mr. and Mrs. Jim's family....Katrin!

Have a blessed Sunday!

I am going to send you an email about your comment on my blog....Love Terry

Nancy said...

Hi Merle,

Just getting back to try your blog again.

Kidney stones? Oh, they are painful. My ex always had them. He just read that a person prone to stones need to drink more orange juice. We did some research years ago when he was having recurring stones, and there were 7 foods you should avoid: tea, peanuts, rhurbarb, chocolate, beets, and now I can't even think of the other 2. When I do, I'll let her know. I do hope you're doing better.

(((((( HUGS ))))))

audrey` said...

HaHa! Merle!!!
It's so nice to be able to read your blog again.
Renie and I are so happy now =D
Blogger has some headaches every now and then =P

Praise our Lord! Your x-ray results are good.

Take care.