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Burn Treatment.

Post  794  ~~~  Sunday,  5th  August,  2012.

Hello My Friends ~~ I hope all is well with you all and life is good.  I am doing fine and it is nice to see the sun  although there isn't a lot of warmth in it yet.  Our days are stretching out just a little but it doesn't get dark quite so early. I hope the weather is good for you all, not too hot or not too cold.

I have been busy cooking and making dinners for myself. It is so good to just get a meal out of the freezer and eat it. And not have to cook for a while. I cooked some lovely lamb shanks with parsley sauce and veggies, and chicken and veggies  and some pork and veggies.  I got tired so took it easy the next day. It seems at my age, that is how ist is to be.  Do lots of work one day, then rest. Could be worse I guess, at lest I can do what is necessary.  I forgot to mention mushrooms with some meals.

I had a lovely visit yesterday from my granddaughter, Michelle who was married to Ryan in January. She is a school teacher and Ryan is a plumber and  they are to build a house on the beach front of a Melbourne suburb.

John is away on a Bike ride to the Sth Aust. and West Aust. border so that is a long way from home. He will be starting for home soon and get here Monday afternoon. This is such a large country and it is so far from most places interstate.

Well, onward we go and this should be jointly called Warren's blog this week as he has
three items to share with us.  So many thanks Mate. Burn Treatment is the first one.


A young man sprinkling his lawn and bushes with pesticides wanted to check the contents of the barrel to see how much pesticide remained in it.
He raised the cover and lit his lighter; the vapors ignited and engulfed him. He jumped from his truck, screaming.
His neighbor came out of her house with a dozen eggs and a bowl yelling: "bring me some more eggs!"
She broke them, separating the whites from the yolks.
The neighbor woman helped her to apply the whites onto the young man's face.

When the ambulance arrived and the paramedics saw the young man, they asked who had done this.
Everyone pointed to the lady in charge.

They congratulated her and said: "You have saved his face."

By the end of the summer, the young man brought the lady a bouquet of roses to thank her.
His face was like a baby's skin.

A Healing Miracle for Burns:

Keep in mind this treatment of burns is being included in teaching beginner fireman. First Aid consists of first spraying cold water on the affected area until the heat is reduced which stops the continued burning of all layers of the skin. Then, spread the egg whites onto the affected area.

One woman burned a large part of her hand with boiling water. In spite of the pain, she ran cold faucet water on her hand, separated 2 egg whites from the yolks, beat them slightly and dipped her hand in the solution. The whites then dried and formed a protective layer.

She later learned that the egg white is a natural collagen and continued during at least one hour to apply layer upon layer of beaten egg white. By afternoon she no longer felt any pain and the next day there was hardly a trace of the burn. 10 days later, no trace was left at all and her skin had regained its normal color. The burned area was totally regenerated thanks to the collagen in the egg whites, a placenta full of vitamins.

This information could be helpful.


 I was in a pub on Saturday night. Had a few drinks.

Then I noticed two rather large women sitting at the bar.

They both had strong accents so I asked, "Hey, are you two ladies from Scotland? 

One of them screamed, "It's Wales, you friggin' IDIOT!"

I immediately apologized and said, "Sorry. Are you two whales from Scotland?"

That's all I remember.
One from my friend Lee. Thanks Lee for Women over 50.
Women over 50! How right he is.!!!.
  In case you missed it on 60 Minutes, this is what Andy Rooney thinks about women over 50. 

60 Minutes Correspondent Andy Rooney (CBS)
As I grow in age, I value women over 50 most of all. Here are just a few reasons why:

A woman over 50 will never wake you in the middle of the night & ask, 'What are you thinking?' She doesn't care what you think.

If a woman over 50 doesn't want to watch the game, she doesn't sit around whining about it. She goes and does something, she wants to do, & it's usually more interesting.

Women over 50 are dignified. They seldom have a screaming match with you at the opera or in the middle of an expensive restaurant. Of course, if you deserve it, they won't hesitate to shoot you, if they think they can get away with it.

Older women are generous with praise, often undeserved. They know what it's like to be unappreciated.

Women get psychic as they age. You never have to confess your sins to a woman over 50.

Once you get past a wrinkle or two, a woman over 50 is far sexier than her younger counterpart.

Older women are forthright and honest. They'll tell you right off if you are a jerk or if you are acting like one. You don't ever have to wonder where you stand with her.

Yes, we praise women over 50 for a multitude of reasons. Unfortunately, it's not reciprocal. For every stunning, smart, well-coiffed, hot woman over 50, there is a bald, paunchy relic in yellow pants making a fool of himself with some 22-year old waitress. Ladies, I apologize.

For all those men who say, 'Why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free?
, Here's an update for you. Nowadays, 80% of women are against marriage. Why? Because women realize it's not worth buying an entire pig just to get a little sausage!ˇ
Andy Rooney is a really smart guy!
Another from Warren. Thanks for "How Children Perceive their Grandparents.
1. She was in the bathroom, putting on her makeup, under the watchful eyes of her young granddaughter, as she'd done many times before.  After she applied her lipstick and started to leave, the little one said, "But Grandma, you forgot to kiss the toilet paper good-bye!"  I will probably never put lipstick on again without thinking about kissing the toilet paper good-bye....

2. My young grandson called the other day to wish me Happy Birthday.  He asked me how old I was, and I told him, 62.   My grandson was quiet for a moment, and then he asked,  "Did you start at 1?"

3. After putting her grandchildren to bed, a grandmother changed into old slacks and a droopy blouse and proceeded to wash her hair.  As she heard the children getting more and more rambunctious, her patience grew thin.  Finally, she threw a towel around her head and stormed into their room,  putting them back to bed with stern warnings.  As she left the room, she heard the three-year-old say with a trembling voice, "Who was THAT?"

4. A grandmother was telling her little granddaughter what her own childhood was like.  "We used to skate outside on a pond.   I had a swing made from a tire; it hung from a tree in our front yard.  We rode our pony.  We picked wild raspberries in the woods." The little girl was wide-eyed,  taking this all in.  At last she said, "I sure wish I'd gotten to know you sooner!"

5.  My grandson was visiting one day when he asked, "Grandma, do you know how you and God are alike?" I mentally polished my halo and I said, "No, how are we alike?''  "You're both old," he replied.

6. A little girl was diligently pounding away on her grandfather's word processor. She told him she was writing a story.
"What's it about?" he asked.  "I don't know," she replied. "I can't read."

7.  I didn't know if my granddaughter had learned her colors yet, so I decided to test her.  I would point out  something and ask what color it was.  She would tell me and was always correct.  It was fun for me, so I continued.  At last, she headed for the door, saying, "Grandma, I think you should try to figure out some of these colors yourself!"

8. When my grandson Billy and I entered our vacation cabin,  we kept the lights off until we were inside to keep from attracting pesky insects.  Still, a few fireflies followed us in.  Noticing them before I did, Billy whispered, "It's no use Grandpa.  Now the mosquitoes are coming after us with flashlights."

9. When my grandson asked me how old I was, I teasingly replied, "I'm not sure."  "Look in your underwear, Grandpa," he advised  "Mine says I'm 4 to 6."

10. A second grader came home from school and said to her grandmother, "Grandma, guess what?  We learned how to make babies today."  The grandmother, more than a little surprised, tried to keep her cool. "That's interesting." she said.  "How do you make babies?"  "It's simple," replied the girl. "You just change 'y' to 'i' and add 'es'."

11. Children's Logic: "Give me a sentence about a public servant," said a teacher. The small boy wrote:  "The fireman came down the ladder pregnant."  The teacher took the lad aside to correct him. "Don't you know what pregnant means?" she asked.
"Sure," said the young boy confidently. 'It means carrying a child."

12. A grandfather was delivering his grandchildren to their home one day when a fire truck zoomed past.  Sitting in the front seat of the fire truck was a Dalmatian dog.  The children started discussing the dog's duties. "They use him to keep crowds back," said one child. "No," said another. "He's just for good luck." A third child brought the argument to a close."They use the dogs," she said firmly, "to find the fire hydrants."

13. A 6-year-old was asked where his grandma lived.  "Oh," he said, "she lives at the airport, and when we want her, we just go get her.  Then, when we're done having her visit, we take her back to the airport."

14. Grandpa is the smartest man on earth!  He teaches me good things, but I don't get to see him enough to get as smart as him!

15. My Grandparents are funny, when they bend over,  you hear gas leaks and they blame their dog.
A few short Mountain Wings items.
There are 2 types of people: the givers and the takers. The takers may eat better, but the givers sleep better. 
 Today, there are three kinds of people: the have's, the have-not's, and the have-not-paid-for-what-they-have's. ~Earl Wilson~
 Types of People  ==== There are three kinds of people in the world, the wills, the won'ts, and the can'ts. The wills accomplish everything; the won'ts oppose everything, the can'ts fail in everything ~Eclectic Magazine~ 
Well my friends, time to say Goodbye for now, so I hope you found something of interest and maybe a laugh or two. Take very good care of yourselves and each other and enjoy life as much as you can - it can stop ay any time, whether we are ready or not.  My love and best wishes to you all.  Cheers, Merle.
Post  794   ~ ~ ~ Sunday,  5th  August,  2012.


Granny Annie said...

Fun post. What I found most interesting is that you "just get a meal out of the freezer and eat it". Are they on sticks and do you call them food-sickles? Hahahahahahahaha!

♥●• İzdihër •●♥ said...

Cooking is fun, innit?

Have a good Sunday , Merle

Nicholas Temple said...

I hope John is having an enjoyable ride. Thanks for the jokes, Merle.

Peter said...

Hi Merle, a good post and no call for help!!!!

Lee said...

You were very energetic on the weekend with all that cooking, Merle! I have to be honest and admit I was extremely lazy! ;)

Take good appears that you are! Hugs. :)

Dave said...

I'm so glad you're doing well Merle!

Great post as always....
By the way, check out my blog for something special from my daughters wedding!

Big Dave T said...

Lamb shanks with parsley sauce and veggies . . . I love reading what you cook. Maybe I told you this already, but I remember hearing one seventy-something guy said that one day he felt like a million bucks, the next like a million bucks well spent. Some days are like that for me too.

I liked the grandfather/grandmother anecdotes. Our little grandson isn't putting too many words together yet but I love hearing them talk, for example "Wockkkk!" for 'rock'.

Gina E. said...

You remind me so much of Ken's mum! She cooked for herself like that for years after Ken's father died - she would make a heap of stuff and freeze it in meal size portions for herself, then spend the rest of the week resting from the effort! But she always said it was worth the trouble.
I'm going to print off the one about the grandchildren - MIL will laugh till she cries over those! Even at 99 and a half, she still enjoys a joke, especially when it is 'out of the mouth of babes'.

Dave said...

Merle, please try the video on my blog again, and give it time to load, it's quite large, but well worth it!

Jim said...

I am glad that you have cooked ahead for yourself. That makes it easy to eat quickly. Do you have frozen dinners in the grocery store? I know they aren't as good as homemade.

Good that Michelle could visit with you. It is wonderful too that they are building a house. I am thinking that John is a careful rider, he should be home by now.

My favorite of your jokes was the one Warren sent you about the Whale ladies.

audrey` said...

Very good! You're cooking once again. You're gaining in strength too. Take care, Merle. Love :)