Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Roses Every Year.

Post 577 ~ ~ ~ Tuesday, 24th February, 2009.

Hello My Friends ~~ All OK here tonight and hope it is where you are. Today, my Home Care lady came and cleaned the floors etc. Nice clean sheets to get into later. Fires more or less under control, but Friday is expected to be another very bad day. Our summer is officially over on Saturday, although we will have more heat in March.

My dear friend, Jeanette sent me the lovely story tonight.I have called it"Roses EveryYear"
Thank you Jan. I was surprised it was about Jack Benny. Hope you enjoy the story.
You have to read this; it is absolutely beautiful ......

Each year he sent her roses, and the note would always say :
"I love you more this year, than last year on this day.
My love for you will always grow, with every passing year."
She knew this was the last time that the roses would appear.
She thought he ordered roses; in advance before this day.
Her loving husband did not know, that he would pass away.

He always liked to do things early, way before the time
Then if he got busy, everything would work out fine.
She trimmed the stems and placed them in a very special vase.
Then sat the vase beside the portrait of his smiling face.
She would sit for hours in her husband's favorite chair.
While staring at his picture, and the roses sitting there.

A year went by and it was hard to live without her mate.
With loneliness and solitude, that had become her fate.
Then the very hour, the doorbell rang and there
were roses sitting by her door. She brought the roses in,
And just looked at them with shock.
Then went to get the telephone to call the florist shop,
The owner answered, and she asked him if he would explain,
Why would someone do this to her, causing her such pain.

"I know your husband passed away, more than a year ago,"
the owner said, "I knew you'd call, and you would want to know.
The flowers you received today, were paid for in advance."
"Your husband always planned ahead; he left nothing to chance.
There is a standing order, that I have on file down here,
And he has paid, well in advance. You'll get them every year.
There also is another thing that I think you should know,
He wrote a special little card. . . he did this years ago.
Then, should I ever find out that he's no longer here,
that's the card that should be sent to you the following year."

She thanked him and hung up the phone, her tears now flowing hard.
Her fingers shaking, as she slowly reached to get the card
Inside the card, she saw that he had written her a note.
Then as she stared in silence, this is what he wrote :

"Hello my love, I know it's been a year since I have been gone.
I hope it hasn't been too hard for you to overcome.
I know it must be lonely, and th pain is very real.
Or if it was the other way, I know how I would feel.
The love we shared made everything so beautiful in life,
I loved you more than words can say. You were the perfect wife.
You were my friendd and lover, you fulfilled my every need.
I know it's only been a year, but please try not to grieve.

I want you to be happy, even when you shed your tears,
That is why the roses will be sent to you for years.
When you get these roses, think of all the happiness that
we had , together and how both of us were blessed.
I have always loved you and I know I always will.
But, my love, you must go on. You have some living still.
Please...try to find happiness, while living out your days.
I know it is not easy, but I hope you find some ways.

The roses will come every year, and they will only stop,
When your door's not answered, when the florist stops to knock.
He will come five times that day, in case you have gone out.
But after his last visit, he will know without a doubt.
To take the roses to the place, where I instructed him
And place the roses where we are. Together once again. Good for Jack Benny.
My dear friend Barbara sen tme the first jokes about Kids in Church. Thanks, Barbara.

3-year-old Reese "Our Father, Who does art in heaven, Harold is His name. Amen.

A little boy was overheard praying: "Lord if you can't make me a better boy, don't worry
about it. I'm having a real good time like I am.

One particular little 4 year old prayed, "And forgive us our trash baskets as we forgive
thos who put trah in our baskets."

After the christening of his baby brother in church, Jason sobbed all the way home in the back seat of the car. His father asked him three times what was wrong. Finally the boy said, "That preacher said he wanted us brought up in a Christian home, and I wanted to
stay with you guys."

A Sunday school teacher asked her children as they were on the way to church service
"And why is it necessary to be quiet in church?"
One bright little girl replied, "Because people are sleeping."

A mother was preparing pancakes for her sons, Kevin 5, and Ryan 3. The boys began to argue who would get the first. Their mother saw the opportunity for a moral lesson.
"If Jesus was sitting here, He would say, "Let my brother have the first pancake, I can wait." Kevin turned to his younger brother and said, "Ryan, you be Jesus."

A father at the beach with his children when the four year old son ran up yo him, grabbed his hand and led him to the shore where a seagull lay dead in the sand.
"Daddy what happened to him?" "He died and went to heaven," Dad replied.
The boy thought for a moment and then said, " Did God throw him back down?"

A wife invited some people for dinner. At the table, she turned to their six year olddaughter and said, "Would you like to say the blessing?"
"I wouldn't know what to say," the girl replied.
"Just say what you hear Mommy say," the wife answered. The daughter bowed her head
and said, " Lord, why on earth did I invite all these people for dinner?"
My dear friend Linda May sent me the next one - The diary of a Dog and a Cat.
Thank you Linda.


8:00 am - Do food. My favorite thing!
9:30 am - A car ride - My f
avorite thing!
9:40 am - A walk in the park - My favorite thing!
10:30 am - Got rubbed and petted. My favorite thing!
12:00 am - Milk bones. My favorite thing!
1:00 pm -
Played in the yard. My favorite thing!
3:00 pm - Wagged my tail. My favorite thing!
5:00 pm - Dinner. My favorite thing!
7:00 pm - Got to play ball. My favorite thing!
8:00 pm - Wow. Watched TV with the people. My favorite thing!
11:00pm - Sleeping on the bed. My favorite thing!

Day 983 of My Captivity.
My captors continue to taunt me with bizarre little dangling objects. They dine lavishly
on fresh meat, while the other inmates and I are fed hash or some sort of dry nuggets. Although, I make my comtempt for the rations perfectly clear, I nevertheless must eat something in order to keep up my strength.

The only thing that keeps me going is my dream of escape. In an attempt to disgust them, I once again vomit on the carpet. Today I decapitated a mouse and dropped its headless body at their feet. I had hoped this would strike fear in their hearts, since it clearly shows
my capabilities. However, they merely made condescending comments about what a 'good little hunter' I am. Bastards.

There was some sort of assembly of their accomplices tonight. I was placed in solitary
confinement for the duration of the event. However I could hear the noises and smell of food. I overheard that my confinement was due to the power of 'allergies' I must learn
what this means, and how to use it to my advantage.

Today I was almost successful in an attempt to assassinate one of my tormentors by weaving around his feet as he was walking. I must try this again tomorrow, but at the top
of the stairs.

I am convinced that the other prisoners here are flunkies and snitches. The dog receives
special privileges. He is regularly released, and seems to be more than willing to return.
He is obviously retarded. The bird must be the informant. I observe him communicate
with the guards regularly. I am certain that he reports my every move. My captors have arranged protective custody for him in an elevated cell, so he is safe. For now ......

After their baby was born, the panicked father went to the Obstetrician. "Doctor," the man said, "I don't mind telling you, but I'm a little upset because my daughter has red hair.
She can't possibly be mine." "Nonsense," the doctor said.

"Even though you and your wife both have black hair, one of your ancestors may have contributed red hair to the gene pool."
"It isn't possible," the man insisted, , "This can't be, our families on both sides had jet
black hair for generations."

"Well." said the doctor, "let me ask you this. How often do you have sex?" The man
seemed a bit ashamed. "I've been working very hard for the last year. We only made love once or twice every few months."

"Well, there you have it." said the doctor confidently, "It's rust !!"

The little boy greeted his grandmother with a hug and said, "I'm so happy to see you Grandma. Now maybe Daddy will do the trick he has been promising us."

The Grandma was curious, "What trick is that, my dear?"

The little boy replied, "I heard Daddy tell Mommy that he would climb the walls if you came to visit us again."

A woman called the local swimming pool and said, "Is this the local swimming pool?"
The man on the other end of the phone said, "Depends where you are calling from."

Goodbye for now my friends. I hope your week is going well. Nice weather here and all is well. I will be back in a few days. Take good care of yourseves and each other.
My love and best wishes to you all. Cheers, Merle.

Post 577 ~ ~ ~ Tuesday, 24th February, 2009.


Gramma Ann said...

Oh! Merle, You always brighten my days. I had never heard the Jack Benny story before, I wonder if it is true? I was glad to hear that the fires are under control again. I hope they don't flare up again later on. The jokes were all funny today. I enjoyed all of them.

Have a nice week and stay safe.


Sue said...

I run to your site to laugh. You always make my day.
PS hope you dont mind but I forward the jokes to my children.

Margaret Cloud said...

I was wondering as Gramma Ann, if the Jack Benny story was true. Very funny post, my smile for the day, take care friend and be safe.

Winifred said...

That was a lovely poem about the flowers.

Those children's sayings are great. Hope it cools down for you soon.

Lady Di Tn said...

LOL could the rust be Rusty?
Children jokes are always so cute. I hope the JB story is true as it was so touching.
Take care. Peace

Jack K. said...

First of all, thanks for another wonderful posting.

Second, for those who might be wondering about the Jack Benny story, this link will tell you that it is true. It also tells a little more about their relationship. I think you will find it interesting.

(btw, any time I have a question about questionable information, I go to snopes.com. It has been very helpful.)

Make it a great day.

Dave said...

Oh Merle... the story about Jack Benny was SO sweet!!!!

linda may said...

G'Day Merle,
That Jack Benny story was so lovely. When I worked in Junee hospital. I used to be sad when we had a married couple come in to the hospital together. We had several over the time that I worked there. It used to break my heart to see one watch the other fade away and be so helpless themselves.

Patty said...

Dear Merle, loved all of your stories and jokes. Kids do say the darnest things don't they. Hope you have an enjoyable couple of days away from the computer. Take care. Enjoy those fresh sheets tonight. Love, Patty

Femin Susan said...

How awesome! Thanks for sharing!
Blessings to you and your family……

Jeanette said...

Gday Dear Merle, So pleased you liked the "Jack Benny" story.
Had quite a laugh here tonight. hehehehe the little kids in church.. and Im sure the dogs diary after 10.30 was written about or for Penny..
Well dear Merle im off to watch the Tigers hope they can have a win..
take care keep cool the temps on the rise again..Love Janxxxx

audrey` said...

"Roses Every Year" is so touching.

Take care, Merle (((HUGS)))