Friday, June 08, 2012


Post 786 ~~ Sunday, 10th June, 2012.

Hello my Friends ~~ How is life treating you all these days? Very well, I hope and that you are enjoying your lives. I have had a great day today - well it started last night when Geoff and Joanne came and stayed the night. They brought me birthday gifts, including a couple of small ones from their recent Bali holiday which I love. One a bouncing ball that lights up when bounced and a butterfly with a switch on it that makes it change color and my son knows what I like. Pretty lights and color changing thingos. (A favorite word of mine.)
They gave me a nice warm jacket and a Bunnings Gift Card as well.

My other son is away on a fishing trip in New South Wales. He turned 58 on Friday, so that makes both of us feel old.

I have taken to copy and pasting some articles as you may have guessed. It saves me a lot of typing, although I do some and lose it too sometimes.

First one tonight from my friend Warren in Qld called Retirement. Thank you Warren.

One day a man decides to retire........ Thank you Warren for this one.


jel said...

gla d ya had a good time !

hope ya have a great weekend!


audrey` said...

Yeah! So happy to know that you had a fantastic weekend :)